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What is your complete current set up for pole cleaning top windows?


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I am new to the site and been reading so much info, but I am about to buy a pole trad system to do the upper windows on houses and would like to see what you guys use and also if you can list you current set up and if anyone has any recommendations. It's a little complicated to know what parts work best with each other. I also see there are other posts around from other people asking the same question but no current full answers.


So if any out there has some input that would be great to hear form people whom no what they are talking about and I think it will be a good post for people to refer to and be up to date also.


Cheers all.

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Unger 3 section optilock pole with angle arm.

14in Wagtail

10in Unger vica versa (lost it somewhere, but don't miss it).

Various squeegees

Elastic bands, bungee cords, and mini pony clamps for attaching cloths.


I only use this stuff for awkward windows. But I think I would go mad just doing pole work on upper floors. Is that what you're planning to do?

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Hi Tolihapurd, cheers for the info, what wagtail do you use? doe sit fit easy on the unger lock system?


Yes I have been talkign to some decent people n here about starting and what to use and lots people use pole for cleaning, lot dont, I want to use pole upper level and normal trad downstairs and eventually move to WFP SYSTEM once I get going and earn some money to pay for it lol. I just wnat to know whats a good system you lot would use and once that I wont go wrong on as its always best for newbies like me to gt info form the pro's on here.


With the wagtail, is this DIY job or can you get a all in one wagtail or decent vca versa thats recommended. I have been watching some cleaners in my area and they do pole work trad and some do all wfp.


Just thought It would be a good thread to come to for people like me to get info form others on whats best to use and recommendations.


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Guest boarcity

-----Unger 5 section Teleplus (the beast! ) pole , first 2 sections are an absolute joy to use and usually all i need for ordinary houses, last 3 section are needed not so often which is lucky as are so heavy you will groan heaving it about - wagtail fits on this pole straight off the bat

----- Harris pole ,fitted with Anza tip .wagtail is a perfect fit on this combination and its my go to pole , this is my friend and i cant talk highly enough of the harris , i carry 2 in my van alongside the teleplus

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Nice one guys, Boarcity, can you add a link to what wagtail you use that fits the unger? This is what I am stuck on.


I am trying to find out what is the best equipment I should buy to do the application on the upper window and then squeegee whats the best one for upper window, is it best having sperates or a combie and if so any links and recomendation on where to buy would be bloody fantastic, looked myself but would rather get advice on here as you guys will have the info thats best.


Nice one:)

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I use an optiloc pole and seperate applicator/squeegee but I rarely pole from ground level

It is more for conny roofs and widows I can't reach just with ladder

If you are gonna go wfp eventually why not buy some cheap ladders to start with?



these would be ok for a while..domestic use but sturdy enough and would make their money back quick enough

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Guest boarcity

i prefer using a seperate wagtail for upper windows and it takes quite a while to get good - i still rather ladder it to guarantee good results ,90 % of my day is on the ladder , only 10% using pole -only doing the pole method if theres no room for my ladder



all wagtails have the same handle,so all fit onto the Unger tip

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Boarcity - Nice one.


Daveyboy1 - I took your info last time on the unger pole and going for the 20ft one, that will do me fine and the angle and lock part at end, they all fit nice ans easy. I am just unsure now on if i should use the vica versa or use seprate t bar and squeegee? I am not to fussed as I am building up so speed is not a vital part at present, just want to get the right parts to put n the end of the unger. What woudl you guys think I should go for a s newbie, t bar and squeegee wise or is the unger vica versa good enough for me? Just want to get decent parts that are not crap and parts you guys recommend. Some people tell me wagtail but I think I still rather go seperate or vica versa, to start with, ah the confusion, sorry to be a pain in that ass!


This is my last part now as I have finally sorted flyers and insurances etc, so thanks to you guys, especially Boarcity and Daveyboy for all the adive I have had so far on here, I am close to starting now, next week will be big, shitting myself but here we go.

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Guest boarcity

wagtails are the only squeegees i use . iv 3 workers too, each has their own wagtail 14 inch + choice of other wagtail sizes in the van


for pole work you Must have a swivelling squeegee ,i say dont buy a vice versa as it doesnt swivel ,it simply wont let you get the angles needed if you do houses

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Again nice one, I think then I am happy to use a tbar seen the ninja one form unger and I will have to get a squeegee that swivels. Daveyboy1 is the swiveloc one that just swivels all the time or you can just set it at different angels? The wagtail squeegee for upper cleaning seems great, but i heard it takes alot of work to get used to. SO the vica versa is not so good then? I see you cna only go up and down action with squeegee'ing, but with a wagtail one you can get full movement, is this what most pole users would use then. I like the ninja swivel one but i think its just swivel settings, it does not move constant like a wagtail. Emmm, still not sure what to go for lol. might buy em all, then I have choice and when I am at a window that gives me issues I will no what one to use by its benefit factors.


Thank you.

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Swiveloc you can have on free swivel or lock in any position

With a swivel you can fan a window on a pole..check out herman wieland on u tube


Also I just found this vid of wagga ..this is what you call fast (it took me years to get anywhere near that)

Extreme window cleaning - Worlds Fastest Window C…: [media]

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Guest boarcity

i take it youre not getting a ladder Scottie? why is that ? maybe you have a fear of heights,well let me tell you when i first started out i HAD that fear ,i didnt realize i had got the shakes until about 2 weeks in i got to a proper big house and i had to crawl up my ladder ,proper sh/ttin it i was - what made it worse was the customer was stood down below,chattin about details of an aircraft crash he had survived.


but i had to overcome my fear if i was going to make a go of it ,and gradually i did .

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Each to their own mate. I use the wagtail combi, the pad is useless IMHO, but the squeegee is great on a pole when used with an angle arm.

never used the angle arm is there any link, can you fan with it

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