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Just took delivery


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Just took delivery of the first lot of gear from WCW


So far this is what I've got, what am I missing? Anything you would recommend? (Just ordered another handle for the small blade)




I'm just searching eBay for some ladders now


Business cards and flyers will also be ordered today hopefully



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Thanks, what size blade should I go for? Is there anything I've missed though?


I'm looking at 3 tier young mans ladders, hopefully will have that this weekend along with my business cards!


So what's the best way to drums up business? Just go door knocking and sell myself?

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most use twelve or fourteen for everyday work...as for door knocking i havent ever done that i usually drop leaflets with my details and leave it to the customer..


.if you get one house in a street.....you will be spotted.. so look the part.. be visible and work will come your way..


as for cleaning the windows...if the customer says you made a mess of that window....you have done it wrong...


so just say oh sorry and try again...you will learn as you go....let us all know how you get on...and remember..you wont pick up loads of work in one week....it takes time to build a good round...so dont be disillusioned...just keep going...:D


and dont forget.......always get clean water....even if you have no intention of using it or do not need it...its what the custy likes:whistle:

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I got 3 polo shirts with company name embroidered on the front and phone number printed big across the back.

I have had a couple of people spot me and ring and it looks professional when you go canvassing for customers

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I've seen a chap going about wearing a light blue polo shirt and on the back in big white print says "WINDOW CLEANER"


I bet he still gets asked are you a window cleaner :rolleyes::D


The ladders and all the rest of the crap he carries about just might be a dead givaway to some don't you think :rofl:

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You will need a bigger applicator as you will get fed up of that one, also a load more cloths and a belt for the BOAB.



Get a load more scrims and microfibers as you'll need them. You'll go through a lot more cloths in winter. Make a load of sill cloths out of an old towel if you want to save some pennies.


A 14in applicator and squeegee are good for most windows, but the ones you got are great for smaller panes/gerogians etc. Channells are cheap so maybe pick up a 16 or 18 for the larger stuff when you get going.


Unger liquid is expensive, so maybe find a readily available washing up liquid you like next time.


You will come against awkward windows (above porches, conservatories etc), and it sucks to have to turn them down. So maybe pick up a pole and wagtail squeegee.


Now get practicing and let us know how you get on!

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I've said it so many times in different threads now but an unger swiveloc straight (0°) squeegee and optiloc pole will mean you can do most awkward windows easily.

Pole costs over 20 quid though but squeegee and 12 inch channel is about 11


This guy's a bit slow but you use it like a normal squeegee on the end of a pole

Unger 0° Window Cleaning Handle In Action: [media]

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