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Small size wagtails- how do u carry yours?

Guest boarcity

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i dont use wagtail but yes my four inch squeegee just kept falling out the boab and annoyed me....its now kept in my ex scrim pocket...i say ex scrim as i use the taytay method these days...ahh i miss scrim...i must go back for old times sake...:D


the drawback is....the blade gets covered in all the crud that finds its way into the bottom of my pockets...so you do have to rinse it quite often...

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Someone asked this once before about the small 6 inch squeegees falling out of your boab. Move the squeegee down so instead of it looking like a T make it look like a L. Best way I can explain it. Takes a bit of getting used to but don't fall out.

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My unger pro pouch has a loop sown on the lower front part..my 6 inch handle goes in there


I've only had my unger pouch about a week and that's exactly where I put my 6" squeegee.


Someone asked this once before about the small 6 inch squeegees falling out of your boab. Move the squeegee down so instead of it looking like a T make it look like a L. Best way I can explain it. Takes a bit of getting used to but don't fall out.

And I do this on my 10"er. Working with an offset handle is a bit weird but I started doing this early on so I'm used to it now.



Its funny how the same solutions pop up across the forum even though its not common knowledge.

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I have one the width of the handle I use on frames and sills to remove excess water before wiping.

Lives in one of my rear pouches (I have 3 pouches on my belt)

If you're ever looking for something a little more compact, I used to use one of these;



Its a grout squeegee. The plastic part used to also come in useful for scraping stuff off upvc. Cheap as chips too.

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ahh i didnt get what posh was saying but i do now tolish...good idea posh...have to try that...:D i dont use it that much mainly when i use my 18 inch blade and you come across a too small window...


i wish my brain had thought to do that....grrrr stupid brain...


the blade will be moved tomorrow and now have space in my pocket for the idea tolish posted..

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yep even with my belly...still not enough room...the funniest thing the other day...i went walkabout with the wfp well i dont have my trad belt on for that....and walking along poling away and my music goes...:gush:...hey that bluetooth signal from the phone in my pocket on my belt back at the car really goes a long way...


i have a bad habit of dropping my trad belt against the wall on the house as i go off wfp ing.....and coming back to a wet pocket and belt...got a right wet ar se the other day of the back pocket....i must learn to keep it away from my wfp....its hard work being a hybrid windowcleaner...:D

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A cable tie secured to your belt, then another cable tie looped through the first to form a holder for the squeegee handle.


I've looped cables on the handle of my bucket (just before where it pivots) to carry another small squeegee/sill cloth.

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Also....if you thread the cable tie through piece of hosepipe before attaching to the handle....it stops the handle from flopping right-over making it easier to pick the bucket up with less bending/stooping. The handle can be at any position from just-off vertical with plenty of access for applicator.


Same effect as the handle in this Wagtail Bucket Clip pic, secure the hosepipe on the in-side of the handle just above the lip/rim of the bucket...... the further up the hosepipe is attached to the handle, the further the handle will flop-over.


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ive several small wags and very useful they are too BUT [ATTACH=full]4835[/ATTACH] they dont fit in a Pulex boab , keep falling out . any of you lads found a nifty way to carry yours ?


I've not tried a Wagtail as a small blade, seems a bit of a waste to me. I have an assortment of various sized squeegees. One I always have with me is a five inch, and that goes into my BOAB, I've cut the slots down deeper, and also made it tight, no trouble with them falling out.

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