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Cheapest way into wfp?


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Been looking into this for weeks now and got to the point where I am confusing myself the more I look.


Not long started window cleaning, but am serious about it and can really see the advantage of doing it with WFP, but really can't afford £800+ to buy a complete system.


What is the cheapest way to get into WFP? happy to buy second hand, I am good at DIY, have access to a welder etc, not scared to build it myself.


Any and all advice most welcome, thanks.

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I got a second hand 400 l tank on ebay but i started with a backpack and a cheap pole. In fact it was a free pole as i picked it up on the street. Buy a 200 gpd ro di system as they will last years. Mine is 3 years old and it fine for me and i use 200 to 300 l a day. Icb tanks are cheap as well but not on ebay you need to google it

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Even cheaper is 100 gpd about £90 on ebay , and that will give you 0 tds , get a cheap water butt from a garden centre and that's your water sorted

Actually on ebay you can get a trolley ro and 25 ft pole for around £450

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Guest SolarPanelCleaning

eBay. Watch......wait.........pounce!!!!!


There's a trolley with pump, drums and pole.

It's at £5 at the moment!!!

You'd need Di vessel and maybe ro too.

I'd link you to it but I'm a bit crap.

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That's American gallons which is less than English , and a day refers to 24 hour so if you want to leave it on overnight that would only produce about 80 -90 ltr


I would just leave it running all the time I would think? figure I would have multiple containers, overflowing into each other?

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I would just leave it running all the time I would think? figure I would have multiple containers, overflowing into each other?

Just bear in mind that the cheap water purifiers produce 4 times more waist than they produce pure, leaving it running is totally fine but not advisable if your on a water meter

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Luckily currently not on a meter :)


It is also a good 2-3 hours from me, but if it is cheap enough might be worth the trip.

Just bear in mind it's only a home made kit and I wouldn't go ore than £200 myself

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Hardness LevelModerately HardNo Standard Applies

Hardness Clark13.32No Standard AppliesDegrees Clark

Hardness French19.03No Standard AppliesFrench Degrees

Hardness German10.66No Standard AppliesGerman Degrees


Chlorine0.33No Standard Appliesmg/l

Coliform bacteria00no./100ml

Colour1.0020mg/l Pt/Co

Conductivity530.042500μS/cm at 20°C

E.coli bacteria00no./100ml





Odour0Acceptable to customers and no abnormal changeDilution Number


pH7.646.5 - 9.5pH Value


Taste0Acceptable to customers and no abnormal changeDilution Number

Plumbing Metals




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Have not the faintest idea Tuffers, not got that far yet, does that make a difference as to how I go about purifying the water?

If you have a good tds you may get away without using a ro ,you could simply run the water through resin m8

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