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Wfp setup


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Hi i have been on ladders for about 4 months and have about (100 regular customers not a lot yet)

I have looked at poles and other equipment but still can't work out what setup i need

I tested my water and reads 365ppm (hard)

The setup i think i want is have a reverse osmosis system from my outside tap in a shed then have 3 water butts next to it so the water goes through the system then somehow get the water from the system to the water butts?

after i have my filtered water i need to get it into the van so i will have a 200l container in the van whats the best way for me to get the water into the container ?

Any links for prices and websites would be great help!

i want to spend roughly ££1500 for the setup (everything)

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hi jordan I use water butts got three 680l in total , £32 each homebase but I wish I spent that extra and went for IBC tank 1000l

this would be easier.Them butts bottom taps keep knocking open water every where right pain.

transfering your water into your tank I use pump drops in your tank switch your power on hayho inch&half hose empties

220l water three mins tops. your RO will have hose connected for your pure goes straught into your butts

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£1900 should get you a kline system fitted with out you lifting a finger.....This is the price I got.


Kit would include the following.......

1x 40/40 stainless steel ro housing.

1x 40/40 low pressure membrain fast flow.

1x 500lt bafflled tank.

1x steel cage to match.

1x sediment housing and filter.

1x carbon housing prefilter.

1x Ressin vessal.

1x auto stop.

1x electronic flow controller.

1x 100 psi 5lpm delivery pump.

1x exturnal port for filling /waste/delivery.

All fittings are brass /no plastic.

All hoses up and running .

Fitted at your address. £1,930

lpg boiler £275

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You need a 200 gpd ro di system to make pure water. Also get some virgin resin. A 1000 l Icb tank, don't bother with starting with a smaller one I tried it and it's a royal pain...


You need a pole. Carbon fibre is the best. A 22 or 25 foot is recommended. If money is a issue then start with a 25 foot fibreglass one.


You will need a transfer pump and a tank in the van or car. 200 or 400 l and to run the system in the car/van buy a 100 psi pump and controller kit. You can get them as a set so do that it's easy to setup. Oh and a leisure battery to run them. Also get a battery charger to charge once a week. I would recommend the gardiner metal hose reel and 100m of hose. I wasted money on a cheap reel and its cost me...

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Shazzy do you have a website address for that please?



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This is a guy local to me......if you go on ebay you will come across lots, you need one local to you.....on ebay they sell for £1 or something silly, just get the mobile number off there ebay page.

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