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The micro/scrim cloth information center - sept 2014


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Hi all,


I have been reading about the best cloths to use and trying to find out for myself what is best to use for my window cleaning. What type of cloth is best to use for specific jobs and what cloths out there are worth their money. Recommendations, tips, tricks, cheap deals and any information you have that will help others decide what is good too use and not and more importantly what cloths best designed to use for specific jobs.


I think it would be nice to have an up to date thread with information in from many of the guys that come on here as there is a wealth of knowledge here, for people like myself and plenty of other newbies whom come on here wanting information on products.


Hope you all can leave your finds and recommendations below.



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Guest boarcity

im another that relies on Scrim . its the only cloth i use/ own 104 of them /wash 30 + every night


i always buy Unger grade A scrim, however a recent batch i bought wasnt up to the usual standard even after breaking it in its no good :(

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I spent 0ver £500 on tools and ladders etc 2.months ago..still spent more this month

Gonna buy something every month

I know taytay likes those cloths but I find any of the right kind of microfibre does the same job


Have you tried microfibre boar?

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i had 1 microfibre cloth -came free with an order from Soapnational- i didnt like how it felt on my fingers it felt unusual. i dont like change so never used it


Sometimes they feel like they are sticking to your fingers when new..once washed they feel better (it's all the little microscopic hooks in the fibre that grabs the dirt and water)

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Guest boarcity
I use 1 per day if the weather is ok

If weather is wet can use up to 3 a day

Damp ones just sit over passenger seat to dry

Used to use tons of scrim

thats got me thinking , i could reduce my washing effort if i changed over from scrim


will have to look out that freebie microcloth and bust its ass!

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I have 1 big microfibre which is good quality but is just for wiping frames when I soap up glass and do frame with porcupine also if needed..good wipe then squeegee windows=happy customers

That one dries in car for next day and wash every few days

I have used 1 microfibre for 2 whole days in summer..dry it over my shoulders while moving ladders etc

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I can't believe people are still using scrims, I stopped 30 years ago. basically, you are only mopping up water whether it be detailing or wiping sills and frames, and for that the best thing is terry towelling, which is cheaper and last longer. One hand towel 50 x 100 will make two good sized cloths.

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yeh dave me not really count...when they get grubby they are aimed to the footwell to go in for a clean...only use two maybe three a day.i couldnt be ar sed to walk back to the car today so one got a real good hammering and seemed to handle it....:D


i wash my poor cill cloth scrims....er ...when they stink...really bad...just keep drying em out and sending em back....

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