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Commercial gutter clean

Iain kinnell

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Hi was seeking some advice I have done residential gutter vacuuming but have now been asked to quote to do a care home which is a total of 22 flats/studios?

How would you go about pricing it? It's normal house height? 2storey

Thanks Iain

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I would conduct a full site survey first and whilst I'm there do a full guttercam inspection to see how bad they are. Then work out a price that I would be happy with including any added cost like hire/running a genny, travel costs etc.


I don't price by linear metre only as there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration that I've already mentioned including how much they are expecting to pay. You can find this out by being straight forward and asking when & how much did they pay last time. Some will even tell you who last cleaned them too.


Just thought I would like to mention I would not expect that a guttervac alone would be able to do the job fully. Hence why I would be prepared to use ladders aswell if need be.

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Smurf is giving you the proper advice and he's absolutely correct.

Personally Im not as thorough and professional as this and I can work out pretty accurately how long it would take me. I would have a quick scan in gutters at random intervals and I would think for example that it would take me 3 hrs! I then add an hour to that and put £50 on front of any price I have in my head , to cover unforeseen problems.

However if you don't do many gutter cleans then I'd take smurfs advice.

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I still remember my very first commercial gutter clearing job. What a cockup I made on that one as did not do a guttering inspection first so when I came to do it I found most of the 3 storey 6" half round gutters were rammed solid with sods. I was not a happy bunny that day I can tell you.:D

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I price per meter of guttering, but it's still flexible.


i.e. I was pricing a job the other day, and I could see there was a lot of awkward areas that will need cleared by hand (not a vac), so I add a bit extra for that as it will take longer. If I had to add the price of a genny, cherry picker or anything else then that is added in as an extra.


On the other hand, I have priced per m and discounted as well. I did it the other week, as I could see that the gutters weren't likely to be a big problem to clear.


But, my basic is price per meter, a price for bungalows, a price for 2 storey, price for 3 storey. The same process for residential as for commercial.


I have also priced commercial giving them 2 prices. The job now is a biggie, so the price reflects that, but if they wanted an annual clean, then next year would only cost £xxx and I explain why.

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