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Hi to everyone thanks for the add. I'm alex. Have been lurking for a few weeks reading everything I can. I've not started window cleaning as yet as I have a few other things going on but hopefully will be starting soon. I've been collecting a few second hand bits of equipment to get me started. Hopefully will be setting up with my brother who has years of experience but he's mostly been doing abseiling work. He was one of the cleaners on Beetham tower in Manchester. Rather him than me haha. Anyway loving the forum all seems very friendly and helpful.


Anyway first newbie question. .according to the ppm map Merseyside has 100 ppm will I need a full ro system or just di.

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Thanks guys for the replies, see I said you all seem a friendly helpful bunch haha. Definitely has given me more to think about. I've just won some items on the old bay of fleas. 25th hybrid elite pole. 6 brushes with fan jets all the connections and some hose for £80. Worth it? Looks like it can get me going

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Welcome Alex, those bits you bought will come in very handy for sure :thumbsup:


I've bought quite a few decent bargains from fleebay myself over a period of time which include:



ankalad x 2

microlite standoff

ladder spurs

conservatory ladder

petrol pressure washer x 3

pressure washer hot box

rotary surface cleaners x 4

baffled water tank x 2

gas water heater


That's just to name a few as I like buying bargains for work as you do. You still have to be very careful what you bid on though as there is also plenty of crap listed aswell.

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Guest Tony Hall

:addict:As the rest have said Alex, Welcome to the best window cleaning forums on the Planet....We've got a great bunch on here who always make new members and old one's alike very welcome.

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and dont be a lurker...we have a lot of them...tell us how you get on...the good the bad and the bloomin ugly...oh...like me ...trying to get banana my overweight bendy cheap pole to squeeze under some stupid railings over a third storey patio georgian ...not so classy ....its really really bendy at full stretch and doesnt look so good when i try to squeeze it under ....but...the rest went okay so musnt moan...:D

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Thanks @cheapncheerful I'll not be lurking any more. Got a lot of plans in the pipeline so will probably have a million and one newbie questions. I'm currently doing oven cleaning and hoping the Xmas rush will put me in a good position to set up what I want. Planning on a full exterior cleaning business windows, conny valeting driveway refurbishment, solar panel cleaning, soffit etc. I ran my own removal business for 15 years with 3 vans on the road before the recession kicked in so I'm not behind the door with the running of things although am struggling a tad with the website side of things. I'm currently using a free site with weebly and Google adwords but not getting much response. Most work coming from flyers.

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Hi Alex, welcome.

Most work coming from flyers.

I've been spreading flyers for my biz in Little Rock for 2 months. I believe these work far better for local businesses than making a site online. Word of mouth is what matters in the end.

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I find a website is crucial also the first port of call that potential customer check out to find more about who they might be dealing with. Be it on flyers, seen the van in their street, after cold calling or referred by satisfied customers. A good informative website is open 24/7 so makes it so easy to generate new enquires/business day or night.


Call to action and all that :D


May I also add I have never needed to drop flyers. cold call or knock doors all because enough work comes through my site one way or another. What you call the lazy boy way of marketing.


Hi Alex, welcome.


I've been spreading flyers for my biz in Little Rock for 2 months. I believe these work far better for local businesses than making a site online. Word of mouth is what matters in the end.

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I've got my oven cleaning business but struggling to pick business up and I've got paid adwords but only one enquiry so far and that's for a clean miles away. Have a look www.theovensaints.com. I've got a face book page and have been posting on all the buy and sell sites in and around my area. I'm hoping people are slightly delaying to book a clean ready for Xmas.

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