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Wfp trolley diy tutorial

Guest Pickingpaul

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Guest Pickingpaul

So to start off you need to gather together all the items youwill need and any tools required. Here is a list of the items including the filteration items as its all part of the working system and needs to be takeninto account before starting.



Pole and brush =£99.

Flteration using DI vessel and x5 25L containers £100

Battery charger £15


So all in all £285 to get everything u need. You can spend a lot more if u chose. But around £300 is doable.


Step 1. Get all this stuff


1. Trolley (ive used an ikea one here because of the small size and cheap factor £9.99 but a sack truck with pnumetic wheels can cost as low as £45-55)


2. Battery. Im using a 9ah 12v battery and cost £15 off ebay


3. Pump, mine cost around £20


4. Switch £2-3 ebay


5. Bolts £3-4 ebay/any hardware store, b&q wikes etc.


6.wire for attaching the battery to pump and switch.

7. Circuit breaker. £1-2


8. Junction box/boxes. I used two from b&q and cost £7.50 each


9. Luggage strap £1

10. Connectors, i brought a bag for 50p. Connecting the wires tomthe switch circuit breaker and battery. U will likely need spares.

11. 6mm or 8mm hose, i used 8mm and broughtit fromgardiner along with my pole and brush.

12 jubilee clips, small,ones for going around the hose on the pump.

13. A window cleaningpole and brush, i have a £99 clx 18 from gardiner which comeswith hose brush angle adaptor and fixtures.

14. 25LWater containers, £3-7 depends where u buy them, i got mine used for £3 each andi have x8

15 DI vessel with hose connectors and resin. This is if your TDS (total desolved solids) is less than 100, if its more than 100 you will need a RO system. I got my di vessel off ebay for £35 and unger resin was around £50.

16. Battery charger. £15 ebay


Tools required

Drill, 13mm metal drill bit



Small files


Step 2 remove all the screw cornes from only one junction box, this is so the battery will fit, if u are lucky then maybe the battery will already fit or u use a bigger box and fit everything in.



image.jpg.bbe47f45d37ede08765cc63db96ffacd.jpg Use some polythene to pack the sides of the box and also on the lid so the battery cant move around. If you are using the same junction boxes I have here then u will only be able to fit a bolt in the top right corner to hold the box to the trolley


The screw holes at the topof the box lids will need to be drilled out and enlarged a bitin order for the bolts to fit through

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Guest Pickingpaul

Step 3 fix switch to the pump box, i added on the far right as the pump will bein the middle and also the wires will be going right into the battery box. Mark out the size first


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Guest Pickingpaul

Then drill small holes around the edge and use a small file to smooth the edges, keep trying to put the switch in the hole until its just big enough.




I added some tape on the inside to make it more stable.

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Guest Pickingpaul

Step 4 drill four holes as pictured and thread zipstraps through and tighten to fix the two boxes together as shown. Drill two small holes at the top where the boxes are joined, these will be to thread wires through later.image.jpg.5114210361ce640ea258cc4757a4290a.jpg

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Guest Pickingpaul

Sep 5 place the boxes on the back of the middle trolley plate and using a pencil mark three or four holes for the bolts. Then drill the holes, use a tap to make a small dent to get your started.




Use oneof the bolts to make sure the hole is big enough to smoothly go in

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Guest Pickingpaul

Step 6 check the boxes fit on, note, the first bolt cant fit with the battery inside unfortunately but the three is quite strong which is whyits important to attach the boxes together with zip straps


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Guest Pickingpaul

Step 7 cut holes for the hose in the pump box, push the hose through add a jubilee clip then push onto the pump and tighten with the jubilee clips. You will need to put the end of the hose in boiling hot water for around a minute in order to soften it so it can squeeze onto the pump.


Attach the black wire from the pump to the bottom connecting on the switch, then attach a wire from the central connection on the switch to the breaker, then a wire from the breaker through the small hole in the boxes, this will later be attached to the black connection on the batter. Thread the red wire from the pump through the other holeinto the battery box, this will be attached to the red connection on the battery

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Guest Pickingpaul

Step 8 fit it onto the trolley using the bolts and tighten the nuts


Attach the hose with zipstraps to the trolley frame, in the inlet will go into the water container, cut to the right size. And the outlet hose will be attached to your pole hose, use as much or as little hose length you like, remember the more u use the heavier it will become and weight is a big factor with this trolley so i have given myself around 5m.

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Guest Pickingpaul


Note. This trolley is back heavy without the water container and may easily fall over if left alone, it should be laid down on the floor to take the battery out.

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Guest Pickingpaul
Good of you to take the time to put the post together pp nice one. Where did you get barrels for £3 I'm going to be after more soon.

Sent from my RM-976_1115 using Tapatalk

Cheers, i found them on ebay, the bloke has loads for sale in a garage in central birmingham, pick up only. Look on ebay and chose the "arrange by location closest first" and see if u get lucky. But i think ive seen them on some window cleaning sites about £6

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Guest Pickingpaul
That is some great work. I like that you've got the pump and the battery in separate boxes, never seen that before but it makes so much sense.

Cheers, no water getting on that battery, it was fine yesterday by the way, due to having to change the water container every hourish, as i only do upstairs, i park outside the first house and place the trolley in a spot where i wont move it for two fronts, so four window units. So when i go to move it its already shed a few litres.

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