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Types of ladders.


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Can you guys recommend the types of ladders I buy?


I'm in two minds as to whether I buy traditional extending ladders or folding ones, either way I will be getting stand offs. The folding ones are a fixed length of 5.7m but they fold in 3 sections so can be used as step ladders and also as a platform which will come in handy for conny cleans and such, or should I buy extending ones?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a 12 rung triple combi from bps fitted with an ankalad & use a microlite standoff on roof tiles for easy safe access for roofline work.


They can also be used as step ladder but I don't bother as with the ankalad can also be used free standing as a normal ladder so you can face what you want to work on instead of being sideways.

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Here are some example pics of one of the buildings I cleared the guttering & downspouts today. Several of the joints had also come apart so was easy to sort out including checking and clearing the downspouts at the same time. Using a pro gutter tool on a 25' wfp also reduced the number of ladder sets I had to make aswell.







This is probably a better pic of another building i also did today showing the ladder set up I use a bit better





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You need the right tool for the job in hand. For me, the best and safest window cleaning ladders are a frame ladders of which I have a big and small depending on the house. For gutter work I have the same setup as the smurfmiester. Not a lot you cant do with that bunch except the wife doesnt like 4 big ladders lying about. :D

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Guest boarcity

if you plan on just bread and butter window cleaning you need to buy nothing too long nor too heavy -or itll kill your back once you get busy .


id never buy anything folding or multi purpose- accident waiting to happen on them

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I got some of them telescopic ladders couple of months ago. Great for quick easy jobs & for spares.


I got a double LYTE 12 rungs.

Also a 7 rung tripple that turns into a stepladder. Both reach everything I need to.

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I have a 7 rung triple..wickes special..en131

110k rating

Light and handy for doing conny roofs or when i have to take ladders through a house

Only used occasinally though

Usually it's the 12 rung bad boy triples

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You will struggle to do gutters with that ladder as I assumed you where wanting advise on ladders for gutter work as was posted in the gutter & fascia cleaning section :rolleyes:


I bought a 6m double extension ladder, start off simple.
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Why I say you will struggle with a 6m ladder for gutter work is because that 12 rung triple combi ladder I use its total length is over 10m but the working reach is only 7.2m once set. That is if you lay the ladders on the floor first to the max allowed position and raise it up with the ladder base at the foot of a wall. In reality this is not practical to do in confined spaces when working on taller stuff and is also a pain in the arse to do.


However that ladder is long enough on most 2 storey work I do to be able to set it on roof tiles using a microlite standoff from the standing position quite easily. Then once it is levelled if need be I fold out and set the ankalad stabilising bars. The wide stabiliser bar at the bottom of that bps ladder which is fitted as standard also make the ladder more stable and big plus for me helps stop the ladder from twisting as it is push up or taken down unlike normal ladders without.


Now once set I'm in the perfect position at the top of the ladder to get on with my work instead of working with a ladder set on a wall struggling to reach into the gutters. Even when using it with or without a standoff on a dodgy bit of fascia. Being the ladder is extended over the roof line I also have the ladder stiles to hold onto.


For me using that set up is a no brainer as makes my job so much easier and safer to do when I need to use ladders for gutter clearing etc.


Right tools for the job and all that.


Hope this helps anyone?

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Correct, I'm only using them for gutter cleans. I was wondering about erecting it in confined spaces. I've bought a standoff and I'm gonna get an ankalad. Can you buy after market ladder pulleys?

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My long ladder, which is only used for guttering is a double with 15 rungs per section. I'm not sure of its full length. I was thinking of getting a triple to replace it next year. I'm assuming a triple will be heavier?

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