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What is gutter creep?


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Indeed correct:thumbsup:


I don't want to teach granny to suck eggs so to speak but some may find this info useful.


The expansion and contraction due to varying temps causes what is known in the trade as gutter creep. Meaning joints will start to leak and/or come apart altogether. All black guttering is most susceptible to gutter creep which is a pet hate of mine as can be a pain in the arse to move the guttering back along so it fits back into the joints properly again.


The one I had today the joint was in the middle of the gutter run was leaking as was hardly on the seal at all. So I had to go along and unclip all the gutter section first including the downspout joint on the other end then refit it as it should be. Sometimes however the fitters cuts the length too short so the length of guttering will not fitted up to the stop lugs properly on both ends of the run that have joints on. You end up messing about trying to make sure enough is covering the rubber seals both ends to stop the joints from leaking and is enough to hopefully prevent it happening again. More often than not though if you don't butt the guttering section to the stop lug on the joint I've found it will gradually work out again after time.


Just thought I would mention this as it is easy just to assume a new joint is required but will not resolve the issue if the guttering has moved along and you don’t fit it properly.


You may notice on some black gutters fitted that they are white on the inside as most good fascia firms now only fit this to help reduce gutter creep.


Hope this info helps?

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I carried out a clean and clear recently where the guttering run on both sides and across the end of the building, The trouble was that it was black guttering and it had warped. There were not enough downpipes so the water 'puddles' on the two corners, even after all debris were cleared. It's not easy to explain to customer that you have done your job properly but their gutter may well continue to over flow due to the lack of downpipes.

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yep ta smurfy...i had sussed what it was but not got a name for it...i think the two bad frozen winters a while back didnt help...i did three joints on one house...boooo one has started leaking again..:rolleyes:

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Bodgit & scarper maybe...my mastic gun friend :D


I just tell them I will take a look to see what needs doing whilts I'm clearing the guttering and let them know the added cost to sort it. Or if it's something awkward I pass it on to a mate that runs a fascia firm.

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ta smurfy i used the term gutter creep today....its on one of my favorite jobs as he is the fastest payer i have...thiry quid straight in my hand before i get the water...wish they were all like him..


but today ...forty quid ....hmmmm..happy xmas....oh can you just push that gutter together again....and over there too..i dont know why it does it.....


gutter creep i explained sounding a right expert...:D


i did the two he pointed out but later along noticed another...now i am not a suspicious person:rolleyes: but...somebody had just pointed up the mortar above every window right by the gutters....me thinks he fancied another job....

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