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Top openers


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got a question for the tradders out there do any of you just quick wipe and polish the small top openers to save on detailing and mopping up sometimes seems pointless in wetting them and makes job a bit quicker i am top and bottom water fed at the moment but maybe gonna trad bottoms in new year as it feels more thorough and obviously leaves a nice dry window for customer cheers guys

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Guest Pickingpaul

Ive got 5 different sized squeegees on my belt, all dogearred as well as i can manage to give absolute minimal detailing, i also have a small modified applicator about 6"


So i wash all the small ones properly and leave them perfect, only detailing is the suds dripping off the bottom, so a quick wipe and done.


My smallest squeegee is 8cm :eek: i dont use that much I did it for a laugh really, his name is sick charlie by the way

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Guest Pickingpaul
sounds a good idea pickingpaul to have a few different sizes say hllo to sick charlie from me lol :)

I started with just a 14" and thats all i had for over a decade, then i just thought it would be good to have a smaller one, and trustbme it really is better. Do u want to see sick charlie?

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I have a 6 10 12 14 and 18 inch now but tend to leave em in my bucket nowadays until needed. With the 10 inch swiveloc and custom small opener one about an inch wider then the clamp for the channel i would have 7 on my belt

Now i just have 10 14 and small one on my pouch

Best for openers but sometimes just fan with the 10"

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Guest Pickingpaul

I have a certain technique on these small openers, imagine the window is around 12"-36" by 4"-8" u can place ur small 5" squeegee in vertically or almost vertically around the middle and u swipe along the top to the right then into the corner completely, then level the mini squeegee to a horizontal and drag to the ottom right corner then go vertical again swipping left to the middle where you put the squeegee back to the top and swipe along the left hand side at the top until u reach the left top corner then horizontal again and swipe down the left side and hit the bottom left corner then go at an angle to swipe the bottom suds and close out around the middle, taking the excess suds off the frame and a wpe with ur cloth

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Guest Pickingpaul
would love to see sick charlie pickingpaul and thanks for replies guys much appreciated will be trying out

Hes at the hospital having an op at the moment, but when he gets out i will take a shot, hes having his rubber replaced :rolleyes:

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