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Iphone 6 or note 4?


Galaxy note 4 or iPhone 6  

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  1. 1. Galaxy note 4 or iPhone 6

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So how many of you here are smartphone lovers?


If you are help me out. I have always had Android phones (I do have a work iPhone)

I am due an upgrade and narrowed down my choice to iPhone 6 or Galaxy note 4. The problem is I just can not make a decision!

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Have had loads of phones in the past I have had a note 3 and loved it but for a while I have been using nexus phones google own! So currently have the nexus 5 a great phone and I love pure android without all the crap phone makers put on top. Saying that the nexus 6 threw a spanner on the works way to big! So for a few weeks I have been going mad trying to figure out what's next. (Can you tell I am a little obsessed with my phones?)


Ios 8 finally added some features that kept me away from iPhone so hence why I ended up with these two in my choice. I am leanib towards the iPhone but a couple days later I will be leaning the other way. Lol

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I don't like iphone

Too delicate

My galaxy gets dropped all the time even from ladder height occasionally (not that i ever use it up my ladder while working smurf honest guv) and is fine

Iphone would need new glass weekly if i had one

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I tossed up between the iPhone 6 and Note 4 recently too, I have always switched between Android and iPhone.


In the end I went with the iPhone 6 Plus purely as all my music is on the cloud and can access all my tunes via iTunes Match. (I have over 500gb of music and cant be arsed to sync select tunes every now and then, much prefer to have access to everything)


I went for the plus so I didn't have to bother replacing my iPad Mini, the screen size is perfect for me.


I also hate the crap bloatware manufacturers put on their phones,


I'm not an Apple Fan Boy but the synchronization between my mac and the iPhone is great, having everything in one place regardless of the device i'm using is great. Yes you can do this with Android devices too but I hate having accounts for accounts for accounts. I just have an iCloud account and a OneDrive account.


Iv'e never had a problems with damaging the screens on the iPhone, iv'e dropped mine so many times and never damaged it. It's always in a case and I always use gorilla glass screen protectors.


I have toyed with the idea of getting a separate phone for business though which would be an Android CAT Phone.

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I keep swaying both ways (not like that!) I have always had android but the iPhone 6 is just drawing me in. Now I just need to figure out where I am going to find the money! I try to buy my phones sim free and just keep the same contract plus I hate having to wait 2 years to upgrade!



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