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Brilliant van heater


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Just thought I'd share this for anyone needing one. These heaters saved my neck one winter in a stone cottage with no heating (long story).


Three heat settings, timer, thermostat AND switchable fan for fast heat dispersion.



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We spent the first winter in our cottage with no central heating & I'd ripped all the storage heaters out too!! I bought some of those Halogen heaters & soon realised just how rubbish they are- feel hot if you put your hand in front of it but doesn't disperse any heat. Tried a few others, even an oil filled rad but these in the link above were so much better than all the others. They could heat a room where the others would just heat an area of a room & you have so much control with them too. The thermostat, timer & turbo fan are priceless features for van heating!!

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I have a posher version of that in my van tonight that I've used for a few winters myself:thumbsup:


Would you say it's safe Smurf? I'd be a bit edgy about using an electric heater with open grills and possible condensation dropping inside it.

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The heating elements are in the bottom of the unit. Any drips of condensation, even if the missed the grill & hit the element would just sizzle off just like a drop of water hitting a heat ring on an electric cooker.

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I've got an oil filled radiator and it's pants to be fair. I might get a convector heater. There's one a bit cheaper http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/homeware/heaters/convector-heater-with-thermostatic-control---2kw-155472 and if you spend £50 you get 20% off.


That one has no fan or timer though. The timer is really handy- it means you can have it coming on & off at various times throughout the night i.e. it doesn't have to be on all night. The fan is also a bonus, it rapidly moves the hot air around.;)

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The old delonghi hca I have also has a frost protect setting too so once set to frost proctect will auto cut in when the temp drops below 5 c so I don't have to mess about with the timer options or other functions it has.


The fully adjustable thermostat on these Homebase models acts in the same way.;)

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ive just got one of the £10 electric blow heaters from asda, works a treat i just bang it in van for an hour in the morning and it gets everything warm and defrosts my windscreen too, had an oil filled heater and takes time to heat up whereas the fan heaters give instant heat!

got a thermostat mode too so if i want to leave it in van overnight it cuts off when too hot but an hour in the morning works a treat

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I've always been careful not to leave stuff in the van that could get damaged by freezing. The odd frosty morning is not really a big issue for me taking the right precautions. However days of subzero temps then becomes a major problem.


You just get to the point where you say wtf am I doing as you can't beat mother nature...

Now where did I put me trad gear :D



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i bought second hand oil filled radiator used it two nights

leave it on all night works welll cuts out when it gets to certain temp

I thouight there would be condensation dripping off inside of van , but nowt

£20 bargain

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