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Recommendations for a simple setup


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im after the simplest, possibly the cheapest, wfp setup.


Ideally one pole and one brush.


I want to clean windows, but also scrub fascia, soffits, gutters and down pipes to regular house height. will this need two brushes or even two poles really?


The soffit one could use tap water I guess so might be better to have separate not only for the tougher work, but the lack of need to flush through the tap water after.


Still don't understand about jets and types of neck required either.



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the simplest cheapest set up i'd imagine is get yourself a 11 litre di bottle with resin to give you pure water but depends on the ppm of your tap water as it might be too high and eat your resin too quick so get a tds meter and see what tap water reads,to use a di regulary you really need your tds to read below 100ppm otherwise your gonna need some sort of ro if you plan on using alot of water regulary.

setup cheapest again a cheap alu pole from somewhere like wcw unless you can get a cheap second hand pole off flea bay etc or even £130 for a brand new clx pole with brush from gardiner, then something to pup the water you either want a back pack that holds about 20 litres or build your own cheap trolley for about £50-60 if you know where to find the bits.

for soffits etc like you say you could use tap water and then just connect the tap hose upto your pole hose with the reducers you can buy and the pressure of the tap water will be enough to use without a pump etc.

hope this helps but just take a look through the forums history, research is where its all at pal, good luck ;-)

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Thanks Cheshire, yeah i planned on building a trolley and a shed based 300 ro to 250l tank. Should suit my modest needs.


Am I right though in thinking the muckier soffits etc may ruin a more delicate window brush? The sites don't seemto give much intel on brushes. Guess I'll haveto keep researching

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brushes i can only comment on gardiner as thats all i ever use but ive cleaned really mucky green soffits conny roofs with sill brushes,superlite brushes mainly medium mixed but then gave them a dam good clean afterwards before i scrubbed windows, ive heard cheap vikan brushes are really strong brushes for scrubbing crap etc but quite heavy too.

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I'm gonna get busy soon building this stuff. Can't find the time at the moment...


Might even try a cheap brush and Harris pole conversion as a soffit brush, and try get a used gardiner 22 and brush for window.


I mainly want to do gutters, but offer the other bits cleaned at the same visit, a la smurf

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