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What a howler this is


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So I had a successful day canvassing today managed to bag 5 customers and three of them regular 6 weekly.


I take down all the details, mob numbers, name and address obviously, and any notes wether need ladders and wether needs a txt or not the night before.


I flyer and canvass at the same time and write all the details on the flyer at the bottom of the pile. A few streets towards the end of the day I realised I had somehow posted that flyer with all the details on through someones door!!!!


Lol I had narrowed it down to being one street where that flyer must have been and knocked on nearly all the doors that I had already knocked on canvassing. Chinese woman opens the door I see the flyer she picks it up realises whats happened because she is reading all the customers and prices and addresses and gives it to me laughing her arse off. I asked her if she needed a window cleaner for the crack.


I'm so glad I don't have a boss. ''erm sorry chief I got 5 customers but all there details are on a leaflet through someones door''



Best of luck to everyone in the new year.

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Took me all day to get that list, my heart dropped when I realised I had posted it through someones door.


Funny thing is I was knocking on doors asking for my leaflet back that I had just posted. I was like mr Bean today.


My eyes lit up when I saw it on the floor blank side up with all the notes on it.

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I won't be using the leaflet to take notes again don't worry. A note pad is another thing to carry along with a big bunch of flyers and I don't want to carry a bag just does not look good, smartphones battery runs out very quickly and I can easily make an error when typing especially with auto correct. Just a blank piece of paper next time.

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My smartphone has my customer base excel spreadsheet on it

Huge screen and can just add custys to the list

I wear my belt minus my boab when canvassing as cards notepad phone pen etc are in the front of my unger pouch

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I won't be using the leaflet to take notes again don't worry. A note pad is another thing to carry along with a big bunch of flyers and I don't want to carry a bag just does not look good, smartphones battery runs out very quickly and I can easily make an error when typing especially with auto correct. Just a blank piece of paper next time.

This is in my opinion a bit of a contradiction. Although you feel a bag doesn't look good on you how does just having a single sheet of paper and pen look good in the eyes of a customer. By the time you have knocked half a street it's going to be creased up etc. and then when you do take customers details you'll be resting it against your leg or their wall or something you'll probably end up putting your pen through it at some point lol. Also how do you think it looks having to knock on doors and ask for your leaflet back? Same thing could happen with a single price of paper when concentration is lost for a moment. It's obviously your choice on what works best for you. Honestly love the story it's keeps making me giggle

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Alpha - First of all, the paper i'm on about is the same size as the leaflet and sits at the bottom it's thicker than paper (comes with the leaflets) and can rest on and write details no problem so in essence it is exactly a note pad without carrying an additional item. This only gets pulled out once I take the customers details down and by that time it does not matter wether i pull out a pink notepad with glitter on it as I have already sold the service. So I fail to see the contradiction you have pointed out.


So Alpha you would have walked off and not knocked on the doors to get the leaflet back losing 5 customers? you can get away with a lot by being honest and friendly.


I'm not going to post a blank with notes through someones door. I really hope I don't.

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I have a mini 25p notepad from asda in my pouch just in case phone doesn't work

Phone is in there too

Nothing comes out until i have a deal

But i think it looks good when the galaxy comes out and i enter it all on there in front of custy and they can see they are set up on my database

Was thinking to take the kindle fire with me as a lot bigger screen to work with

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Yeah I have thought about the tablet and it's a good idea. You could accidentally scroll through some gutter cleaning and pressure washing pics.


Only reason I don't go the mobile/tablet route is because a lot of the customers write there own details down. Mainly because a lot of them have unfamiliar names to spell being in London and I don't want to have to hand over a 400 quid device that they might drop or not know how to use. Shame as it would save time not having to get home and enter it all in.

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and will my new present work.....i hate writing stuff down....if i popped off this mortal coil tomorrow....the wife doesnt even know where cat woman white witch or mad dog are....so...




yes i could use my phone except that is in a case around my neck and a pain to get out and put back..so this little gadget weighs nothing and you can even just leave it on all day if you like to hear your breathing...


plug it in and hear all your details of the day...


notepads tend to get damp in my jacket pockets and pens seem to fall to pieces or not work or ...hide...


2015 is my year :D


nearly smashed my phone tonight.....came in soaking wet nackered and starving and still a million jobs to do....and ring....and text ...and email all at the same time..everything kept beeping.....next week already filling up...

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Where are you in london??

Whenni had some work in barnet they were all greek there

I would just put address and phone number and guess how to spell their names

That was on paper then but i do the writing not them

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I'm on the outskirts in Twickenham, well Whitton in between twickenham and hounslow but no one seems to know where that is. I'm hitting up areas like Shepherds bush, Chiswick and Brentford and of course Twickenham.


People are from everywhere and they love writing there own name lol I should be more firm with them guess if I had the tablet they wouldn't offer. I have to pay congestion charge which is a pain as it means i'm minus 10 quid before I arrive. My plan was to go out surrey way and pick up all the cream work, aint happening, was canvassing out there again in Fleet all day the other day and nothing then come back to London and get them in but admittedly they are a pain to do but works work.


- CNC lol i'm gonna have to read your post again its making me laugh to much. You owe me a new keyboard too.

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