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Canvassing and hard to reach windows


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On all of the houses I've cleaned so far there's been at least one window that I can't do a decent job on even with a Harris + Wagtail trad pole.


Now while I'm out looking for houses to canvass, I seem to find myself massively held back by the thought of hard to reach windows, even if I can get all the windows at the front, I worry that there'll be a whacking great conservatory or something else at the back that I can't clean over. Tempted by a Pure Freedom WFP trolley although I intended to wait to get into WFP until I had about £1000 a month income from windows so I could justify going straight to a van mount. I guess if buying a trolley means I'll be more confident knocking houses then its a sensible investment.


Anyway, how do the tradders out there overcome this? Thought about explaining it to customers as I canvass but seems stupid knocking on someone's door to say 'I can clean half your windows if you want?'

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only just converting to wfp ...still trad most but its just great to say ...I CAN REACH ALL YOUR WINDOWS.. :D


I have just quoted an old job I used to do and I couldnt do half the windows trad in the past and so I pointed out to her I now had new long reach equipment and could reach all her windows now...


mind you...she hasnt got back to me yet...I have a new ...smurfing price policy this year...


and I can now say....not scared of any job anymore:cool:

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Unger 3 piece optiloc pole and 0° swiveloc 10" squeegee

Use ladders to get as high as you safely can above a conny then soap up and fan as you normally would by hand only doing it on the end of a pole

Unger 0° Window Cleaning Handle In Action: [media]


Just like this

With a bit of practice you can do that at serious distance no bother

Microfibre on end of pole to detail and job done

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I have had the file out on all the interconnecting bits to make the swivel as loose as possible and it is very rare to find a window i can't do

Plus channel is modded polzn bladz stylee so don't get much detailing

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These 2 are what i use

The straight swiveloc handle and optiloc pole

Must have the optiloc cone if you want to use harris pole as it stops the squeegee twisting about on the pole which means you can twist the pole to fan

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I used to do a couple of houses where i did all tops from inside due to awkwardness and those windows where you can push the clip and make the hinge side opening bigger

Also if you have a custy who is not in during the daytime agree with them that you will clean all the rest and pop round in the evening to pick up money and quickly do awkward one from inside

Only if they are very close to your house though as you shouldn't have to go out of your way collecting what is owed

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