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Advice on how to clean soffits and facias

Kevin Miller

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image.jpg.de117b97f24b422ab19b88fb9fdbb9b6.jpg ok I need your advice on how you clean soffits & facias. I've not cleaned these before only very simple gutter cleans which where very easy.

Here is my eqipment, gardiners clx 22 pole with sill brush, virosol, ladders, simple hand held sprayer and basic window cleaning kit ie scrim, cloths, unger squeegge. I have other cleaning agents in the van such as cillit bang lime scale, jml doctor power and simple stuff such as ecover. It's a big house I'll try to upload a picture. Here are my thoughts on cleaning it. Let me know your thoughts on which is best or what you do or use.


Option 1 (quickest & easiest)

- Using water fed pole pre wet all soffits and facias to be cleaned.

- have my bucket mixed with virosol & water 10/1 mix.

- dip my WFP in to the bucket with the solution then start scrubbing the soffits and facias working the solution in (water turned off) obviously all this is from the ground using the pole.

- leave for 5 minutes for the mixture to work its stuff.

- after 5 minutes turn water on and start rinsing the solution away while scrubbing.


Obviously you will be working in sections around the house.


Option 2

- get up on the ladders and spray where possible all the soffits and facias to be cleaned with the solution ie virosol water.

- leave it for 5 minutes then again using ladders get up there and work the solution in to the soffits and facias with a brush (obviously will have to use WFP for areas I can't reach by hand. Leave this to work in for 5 minutes.

- then using WFP turn water on and rinse.


Also once finished where I can I will be looking to dry wipe off using a cloth for a nice finish.


Hope all this makes sense. How do you guys clean soffits and facias? What mix & ratio?

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It depends how bad they are really. Some come up great with just water. Others look crap with the use of chemicals. I can't ever see myself doing this with ladders. You don't need to dry them except vents as these can drip dirt for ages. Be prepared to clean the windows aswell as they can get covered in soapy dirty water!

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Virosol and ubik will only do so much. I haven't used virosol only ubik but from what i've heard perform much the same. Some upvc is beyond saving. A cream upvc cleaner will bring stains up the best but this requires way too much elbow grease for me. I only use it on conservatories.

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Option 2 but not going back up after 5 mins.

I go up with 2 cloths & a flash bleach spray. Spray it clean it buff it. Simple. Obviously the one over the roof would need a brush. I like going up on ladders with stand off. That way I can get in every nook & kranie. I only do em in the warmer months so no chance of ladder slipping. I find with a brush you can't get every bit of the facia.

They come up gleaming.

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