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Conservatory roof internal clean


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Hi everyone was just after some advice on a job I was asked to price today which I found a bit daunting.

It had quite a large lean to conservatory and she wants the roof cleaning inside as well as out and all the frames inside. It's upvc with a polycarbonate roof and all the roof panels inside as well as the beams and window frames were very grubby with mould and mildew. Would really appreciate some advice on how to go about cleaning this and how hard it is as it looked a bit of a nightmare. To be honest id rather leave it but really need the work. Thanks everyone.

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Interior conservatory deep cleans can be very time consuming and a pain in the arse to do.

At least the roof panels are polycarbonate so are much easier to do than glass. Even better if the roof panels are white opaque instead of clear as they can’t see through them.


I ask for the conservatory to be cleared of furniture etc beforehand so I can use a step ladder without having stuff in the way. Then just go over it with a damp microfiber cloth from a bucket of hot soapy water and dry it with another microfiber cloth as I go along. Regarding stronger chems for the bucket mix you can use something like flash cleaner, ubik2000, virosol etc whichever you find works best. I ring out the cloth quite often and change the water mix when required as it soon goes black.


If just using a damp cloth doesn't get the discoloration/staining off the plastic then I would use a cream cleaner etc on a none scratch pad or magic sponges to try and bring the frames back to white.


For cobwebs & dead insects that are usually on the top ledges where the roof meets the trim etc I use a vac to such them up first.


If they are heavy smokers and/or the conservatory has a lot of nicotine of the frames it can be very unpleasant to do as that stuff stinks.


It's the detailing that takes the time to get good results so allow a few hours for the inside and price accordingly. Some will also want the window openers & door jams cleaned too which will take even longer to do properly.


Winter is better to clean the inside as you won't cook trying to do them as you would in the summer sunny days.


I hate doing them but like you say its work.


Hope this helps?

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As @Smurf said above. I've also found that uPVC solvent cleaner is good for bringing grey plastic struts back to white. If you haven't got step ladders, buy some as you will defo need them. Make sure you buy some that are big enough for the job, possibly buy bigger than you need for this particular job as in the future you might need taller ones for other work. Some are a PITA and some are surprisingly easy to clean.

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Thanks guys really appreciate the help im not looking forward to it as it's pretty grubby and I really don't know how long it will take me so not sure what to price it at. I read somewhere about using vinegar in the water as well does anyone do that or is the flash better?

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I have an easy inside and out conny clean on monday

Easy as already kept clean

Just chuck my bag of old towels on the floor and clean with pole and 0° squeegee from the floor

I like those type of cleans

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Make sure you are high end of your hourly rate then how many hours you think to do ......

Then add another hour! Be reasonably top end about it coz if your too cheap..........

You will have a few other loons getting you to do theirs....I know!!!

I do a couple twice a year inside and out takes 6 hours in/ out and they are large but not

Massive......I charge for the day with me travel,hope that helps all done trad,with no rushing and just pitched roofs polycarbonate (glass is fooking hard for obvious reasons.

And remember if they say too much believe me better that than a busy fool.


Hope that helps

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I know I'm pretty slow as I'm new to it but to be honest I will be happy if I get it all done in a day there is a smaller wooden lean to as well and she wants both conservatory roofs done outside as well which are pretty green. And conservatory windows in and out. I think what worries me is I get affected too much by the people who I give a price to and say its too expensive. I start thinking I'm overpricing even tho I'm sure I'm not.

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ya dont need stepladders just stand on the rocking chair like frank does..:eek:


seriously good luck I keep running away from them but the one over the road is getting pretty bad...if I get it though....it wont be cheap...

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Guest boarcity

i use short telescopic pole[ 3-6ft] + 14 inch swivel Tbar . Scrub up about 2 roof panels and framework at a time with soapy water on the Tbar sleeve and then drape a scrim over the same Tbar to wipe all surfaces.

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another great tip someone posted on here thanks whoever you were....was using our friend the karcher window vac....I have yet to do it but if I get one to do that is what I will use...but...


so far I am lucky if it gets all the condensation of all our house windows before the battery needs a charge...20 minutes my ar se..


and when the battery gets flat....thats it ...it cuts out ...and only starts for seconds at a time afterwards..


and it has a very good way of telling you when its small container is full of water...it spits it all out in your face..:D

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I've done it in the past with a pole, and a squeegee detached to it, and after that you can finish it off with a cloth.

Because obviously its not gonna look perfect doing that, but that was the quicekst and most effiecient for me.

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