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Trad back up help

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looking to get a trad kit as a backup and for possible indoor work, anyone know anything about the red rubber facelift kit ? is it any good ? or can anyone recommend better to go for?


also what is the bucket on a belt is it just for keeping tools in or can you actually have water in it? any good?


thanks again

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The type of standard trad gear you get is really down to personal choice as there is not much difference between them.


Some prefer to use wagtails like @boarcity and others unger, ettore, sorbo, moerman etc or just mix and match what they like best.


Regarding the BOAB it's just a convenient way to store trad gear and store a wet applicator so no it's not really to carry water about unless you want a wet leg.


Some like to use a window cleaner bucket and others like to use old soap bottles with squirt lids on them premixed with soap. Also some like to use a hand held spray bottle too so again it's down to personal choice which is most suited to the job in hand.


Trad gear is also relatively cheap to buy so most have built up quite a collection over the years.


Might also be worth having a look at the new moerman liquidator as is the new kid on the block so to speak.

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