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this looks intresting

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It does look good. How many feet is it @tench0771 ?





I reckon it's gonna be a pricy pole that's for sure!

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peter rogers

how much is it worth to u is more the question


to me its worth 400 quid as i dont have any over 35ft lol


to someone doing them big heights day in day out it will be priceless


after all if ur clea ning daily windows at them heights well :D u can aford a good pole :-)


how effective is poles when doin windows at 70 ft??? not bit hard to see from ground if clean????

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peter rogers

says from 1350 + vat my guess the biggest be 1950+ vat i think it would be worth it if u were using it daily not a gd buy if its going to collect dust in yer van



or heres an idea



get it framed :-) the dsame way ued get boxing gloves or that framed and put it over the fireplace :D

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