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tuffers bed time story....zzzzzz

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and so....mr grumpy..


we all have one... the funny custy...


pulled into the drive on my little bunch of three houses and first off..cut the grass..but then the brain engages and ...its...wfp first...because...whilst I cut the grass...it all dries off and I can quickly check as I clean the sills..


just my way you understand..but I can be up the ladder before you can alter the brush angle to clean the sills....and it does no harm to check...did I find anything...


a big nope....spotless windows. always gives me confidence...


but...the middle house are mr and mrs grumpy....the house I was on is a neighbours daughter and also they enlisted me to cut the grass...which I duly did...the trouble was the mother said you missed a bit of grass..well I couldnt see where she meant except for the bit of grass between the two houses, I had just cut down the middle...I was right ...the mother was wrong..


and mr grumpy wasnt amused I had cut his grass...


he waited for her to pull on the drive and had a right go at her...oops..


and next time I came ...out came the spray can and a string line went up...er...its only a poxy bit of grass mate ..


anyway I stuck to the line as really less grass to cut is a good thing as far as I am concerned...


why mr grumpy..well I was rushing near xmas as you do with the short days and so I used my new fangled wfp as it is defo faster..


and he duly phoned up and complained to the wife....and I thought oh dear here we go ...but it wasnt spotting, it was he didnt want his sandstone sills worn away by the water....ahhhh so I agreed to trad in future as it doesnt matter to me but it gives you an idea why he became mr grumpy...


and today no one in the corner and as you know me likes that and no one in the other house happy days except ..mr grumpy was in..


but then leaving him til later he went out...hurray...but....then he came back ...booo...so as he pulled back on his drive I hid in my car not wishing to see him...so I heard him lock his car up and waited for him to go through his front door...yeh not happening...he was down on his knees picking out weeds...personally...I think he was watching his lawn..


so I knew he was going to say something as I walked past...


you know where the lines are dont you?


I own up I was soooo close to saying.....yeh the lions are in the zoo arsehole...but....I refrained...and said oh yes ..you could plainly see where he had cut his line...


now Im not being funny but...he now went and got his kneeling cushion and decided the four foot by four foot bit of soil was going to get the works...sorry but I THINK he was waiting to see I cut that grass right...well ..sorry mr grumpy but two can play that game...


so I cut the back grass and I cut the very front grass...he couldnt see me there as my car was in the way...and then I parked the lawnmower on the front lawn and fooked off to clean windows..


checked and finished one then went and finished the other and that four foot by four foot of soil was still getting a good weeding..


so I thought..sorry mate..the grass can wait...and went to clean his windows..


mrs grumpy was in quite a good mood but ya dont get a lot of conversation as the bucket gets shoved at me with one hand and the tenner with the other..yep its well worth more but I have never had a chance to say so as the tenner is always shoved in my hand..still mustnt grumble as at least that was out of the way..


I didnt mind too much as she never bothered me I never saw her again and headphones on I got stuck in...near the end at the front mr grumpy went in and I soooo wanted to go and finish cutting that grass before he could see me and I kinda thought to myself I wonder how long it would take him to reapear as soon as the mower started up.


well..as it happened I got stuck in along my line in the grass and when I looked up he was in his garage...staring...


I had watched him before staring as I cleaned next doors windows...one of the best tricks a windy can do is clean and watch the reflection...


but see it wasnt just me ...he likes staring...as I wrapped up and put my stuff away...he was staring at his four foot weeding effort for a good 15 minutes ..just staring...apparently he does a lot of staring...


well all over til next time...but....I HOPE he hasnt retired..

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Ace story as ever Dave. Sorry I couldn't resist reading before bedtime :)

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Guest SolarPanelCleaning

Cnc, you should be made the 'patron saint of window cleaning'.

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saint cnc...not if you heard that fart I just let out...:rofl:

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