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O Clips Removal

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Alien Human

Probably not going to be the answer you were hoping for being either a.) Yank it feckin hard till it comes off or the alternative option that I now choose to avoid the time consuming & frustrating a.) which is b.) buy a new one (usually involves just getting a pair of scissors, chopping the said annoying part off and attaching the shiny new bit.


As I warned, prob no the advice your were hoping for but I have had too many similar experiences to what you had today. Will be all ears if anyone has any alternative (less £) methods :)

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Tin snips Perfect! i will try it, as wil the other post, thats how i usualy take em off but as i use 2 on each joint to produce a strong leak free seal, it makes it much harder :D

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Perfect Windows

Use a pair of pliers to crush them longways. So on the picture on your link, you'd crush them with the pliers jaws at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock. As you crush them inwards, the pressure against the fitting inside them opens the bit you previously crushed.


Hope that all makes sense.



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