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First Leaflets??

Guest TheHitman

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Guest TheHitman



Going to get my first ever batch of leaflets printed up tomorrow,and was just wondering other than the name of and contact number is there anything else i should have printed on them. Also going to have them done in black & white and A5 size???

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A5 and b&w is a good choice,make sure there on a good weight paper 100 gsm.you want Window cleaning in bold writing,maybe add your website if you have one,contact (your first name).

Any thing else you offer like ;

Frames and sills clean as standard

Conservatories on request

Gutters and Cladding Cleaned

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I use to leave a gap to write the the price in what I thought the house could be worth,taking a guess at the back windows and when someone rings they have an idea of the price in their head.I had a bundle with £8 another with £10 and so on.

"Prices from"

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Guest window washer

Mine just say the following.


Window Cleaner

Company name

Phone number

If you would like your windows, frames and sills cleaned by {name} for £ ...... then call {name}, text or e-mail on {e-mail address}

I spent nearly £500 on flashy leaflets and they were useless. Although important to you and I, for homeowners we are just window cleaners. We are a necessity and not a luxury that they want so they do not want to spend any time thinking about it. All they want is to see how much it will cost and for you to be reliable. Most customers could not care less about flashy leaflets or how we clean the windows just as long as it is not expensive and is done regularly and well.

Also, I picked up loads more work when I added texting because a lot of people do not like to call so a text makes it that bit easier - how many of you/ us use texting because it means we do not have to make a call?

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I really need to drum up some more work and seems the adding price thing really works but i am just not brave enough to guess prices to find out that at the back of there house it could have over 10 windows.


How do you get around this if you said on a leaflet you would clean the house for x amount then find your price is way out what do you do?


i just Imagen the customers saying well that is what you told me it would be on the leaflet

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Guest window washer

I get it wrong all of the time.

For example: I quoted a large 4 bed house for £14. I wanted some business in a particular area so did them all cheap as I work on the theory that if I can get say four or five in a road then because I have to move around less I negate the loss of underpricing. The house in question called and queried the price so I went round to discover they had the largest conservatory I have ever seen: probably 60 windows. I explained to the man that I had to make a living and requoted at £30 as after the first clean I would get round in 40 mins and he agreed.

I work on the assumption that if you are decent and honest with people they generally agree to the increase for an error so better to get a foot in the door. If they are adamany that they won't pay the extra then I politely decline to clean their windows. It doesn't happen too often.

The other way is to put between £ xxx and £ xxxx. It still gives them a ballpark to work with.

It always amazes me just how small people's houses become when they are trying to get a windie to quote "there aren't many windows" is the staple line!!!

Give it a try Pedz, you have nothing to lose.

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Guest window washer

Pedz, if you can stomach knocking on doors and have a nice way with people you will pick up at least £300 a week, and that is conservative.

I am starting my "knocking on door campain" on Tuesday after the bank holiday and will do between 11am and 2.30pm and then from 5.30pm till 8pm (avoiding school pick up times).

I will let you know how it goes.

The reason I know this is because I have 2 relatives that have rounds that they obtained within a month by knocking.

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