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When I first started out I was advertising on Facebook all the time and got a lot of work from it. Advertising on there these days does my head in. I don't know if it's just me but it seems to be that all of my 'problem' customers come from Facebook. The thing i REALLY hate about it is the way that customers think that they have an always open line of communication to you via Facebook messenger. It's like they think it's a 24 hour helpline. A customer wouldn't text me at 2am about their windows but they think it's perfectly fine to send me a Facebook message (which makes my phone beep) at that time.

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I started to get pissed off with facebook tbh but it has help me a lot to get where i am

At the moment I have someone on there posting they need a windie and about 5 people recommending me but she messed me about before she moved

I am ignoring her but it doesn’t look good to others when she moans i am not replying i may give her your link Neil lol

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I go through phases where I advertise on there for a bit and then don't for ages. I'll keep at it but no need for me to hammer it like I was when I first started out. I'm getting more and more work from word of mouth and from people seeing me working in their street. To be fair, I'm a bit of a part timer at the moment because of the wife's business and childcare so the customers I have at the moment are enough to keep me ticking over but I'll be aiming to push on a bit in the new year as my wife will be slowing down with work because of her being pregnant.

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Guest boarcity

iv realized i i post on the FB buy and sell pages a few lines not directly advertizing it brings in great results. go off on a tangent no mention of window cleanings

an example might be - its been a stormy week hasnt it,we are working hard ,check out my photo ,one of my lads is smiling because hes goin on holiday very soon


we like to listen to music while out working,check out what we are listening to on www.jonnywindows.co.uk

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