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the plate has got quite a bit of attention and landed a couple of jobs before it got stickerd up. Been a good talking point, had a local window supplier firm pestering to try to buy it off me. But would never part wiht it until i retire!

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I went through a stage when I had plenty of cash, and got the bug bad! I had the RX's when I started into AV, then got into 2 channel hifi and went into Naim gear, ended up with a 50k system, then sold it all off and blew it on a mad car, then went through a breakup and sold the car off, sold the business, then entered what I am today. One thing I miss is hifi, so hopefully in a year or so I will buy anonther system, but something more sensible.


I just go and sit round my old mans now, he has a naim superuniti and Dali Epicon 2's, which are great.


For the money them RX's are a great speaker. :thumbsup:

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Yes mate, was superb, but as you know in hifi it gets daft £££ to get that little bit extra. But the bug got me lol! do you know naim kit?


One of the many expensive hobbies of mine back then, but the good thing was it holds value well and I got back close to what I put in.

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Yeah like naim stuff, I'm a fan of it,


Preference is denon, and some of the older technics amps,


But yeah it's ridiculous money!!!


I've had tannoys, and also the bronze range bx2 speakers from monitor audio,


I'm sticking with the rx6's for a long time, wife won't let me buy anything else! Says they all sound the same :eek:

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Crazy how they all think they sound the same, its all subtle to a degree but when you get it right for your ears and music the diff in some kit is big. i loved Naim for the rythem and timing, just surreal! Ended up with there 18k pre amp the 552 and a Nap 300 power amp. Streaming through a NDS/555 source.


There MUSO is a good bit of kit at 800 quid!


Tannoys are a great brand, been going years and still a top performer.

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:eek::eek: You spent some dough!!


Yeah my dad is a tannoy man, so I've always loved them, big big fan, he's had them for years and years,


Yep only true audiophiles hear the difference,


I can't stand the modern day compressed MP3 crap

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Yes spent loads on it, bought alot 2nd hand so did well on prices, then sold on for pretty much what i paid in, Naims power cables were the bigges thate of mine to buy, 400 a pop but made such a massive difference! I used to think it was mad before i got hooked on it! Then blew it all on a silly car and lost huge on that! But no regrets lol!

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Few pics here, need to take some more of it really, wanting to change a few things with the system soon, mostly the hose reels to start with, similar to what @Jake has done with rollers out underneath and motorised ones. [ATTACH=full]8380[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]8381[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]8382[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]8383[/ATTACH]

Man I have got serious van envy

Makes me want to sell my round and work for Trev just to hear his speakers

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