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anyone get attached to customers?

Dave B

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I clean for a guy who is 93 and his wife is in a vegetative state in a wheelchair and constantly has a team of carers in the house helping look after her and life seems to be a constant battle for him

Went there today and rhe carer answered the door to say don't bother this time as he is in hospital with pneumonia and the outlook is grim as he has other health problems anyway

I know he is only a customer but i always have a chat with him and actually have felt a bit gutted all day since then

I always do something extra without being asked when i clean like quickly go over the fascia/gutter bit of his conny etc as i feel it is a good thing to do

Anyone else close with certain customers

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Absolutely mate. ALways sorry to hear badnews from custys lives. I nearly made a thread last friday on a similar topic. I went to one of my customers that got me a whole days round. He told me the terrible news of his mate who was next on the round. Turned out he died the month before, maybe a week after I saw him. His funeral was due the next day, so I took a couple of hours off the afternoon and made an appearance. Felt a bit strange being there by myself as the window cleaner, but he was such a nice guy it just felt right to pay my respects. RIP Bill.

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

In September I lost Joe Spence, in his sixties, last time I saw him in August I said 'how you doing?' he replied 'dying' my comeback was 'aren't we all!' Went by in September and he had passed, was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, gone in two weeks.


In October I lost Mr Groom, mid nineties, failing health over the past couple of years, but still upper lip, 'if the krauts didnt get me the flu wont either' type of chap. Decorated serviceman in WW11 - finally it was just time.


Saturday I lost Mr Owden, prostrate cancer again, got him within six months, he was going through chemo but you could see that wass making him so rough he had pretty much resigned himself to giving up. Early 70s


For many of our elderly customers we can be the most frequent contact they have throughout the year as their kids, family are always so busy (lazy) that they don't have time, so do the decent thing and have that cuppa as you really dont know if it's the last time they will offer.

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I had a lovely chap called ernie. In his 90s & still riding his push bike. Last time I saw him he'd had a fall but said he was ok. A week before I was due again I noticed a for sale sign up at his house (now has been sold). I didn't go back & have not been since as did not want to be told. He may have been put into a home but to this day I don't know what happened. I prefer it this way. Hopefully he went into a home. Lovely chap.

Notice I always seem to go back after Xmas & at least 2 of my customers have passed away or there wife or husband.

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I would put a like emote on these posts but don't think it's the appropriate one

Nice of you to go to the funeral tolish

Not many people have respect nowadays

I have other customers that it wouldn't bother me 1 way or another but this guy was such a trooper..i don't think i could handle what he has going on in his life at 40 let alone 93

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Kind of related (but not really)


Anyone else like seeing the baby's grow up? You go one month and they're new born, a couple of cleans later and they're smiling and before you know it they're crawling.


I realise I may sound a bit weird.

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Same here daveyboy I've been cleaning some of my customers for 20 year they seen me when I was a little wipper snapper and grow into a man and a dad

I have a close relationship with some off my customers

Have acustomer Walt cracking bloke used to bring the tea and bikkies out and full of life when I first met him,I now clean his living room window where he sits shaking and carnt even hold his head up,he is in the later stages of Parkinson's its so sad

I always bang on the window and wave not even sure if he knows!!!

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