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Green Pro Clean Ltd

I ain't no grass but you gotta get the H&S filth on that before he does an impression of a tomato sauce on the pavement.


You'll be saving that kids life by doing so.

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lol, funny Really, probably more safe than a wet gritty floor!

That's true

Most of h&s is ridiculous but everyone's that scared there gunna get sued,I blame the yanks!!!

The plastic feet on ladders I remove straight away so sloppy on wet surfaces much prefer the point of the metal biting down

Not sure but that's probly breaching h&s

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That is unbelievable. If thats a business premises as it looks like it is I'm pretty sure they can hold some of the liability for letting them work like that. WTF Grant Mitchell thinks hes going to achieve with that bit of rope strapped around the lads chest I don't know. Theres dumb H&S, but it only exists because of muppets like this- they need thier arses kicked big time.

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I'm no grass but I reported her today that is stupied , and what ******* me off most that fact is the building is a accountant building how the hell they let someone do that, hope they get fined aswell

No grass??? But if you reported then you are lol

What I think is bad is that poor girl is odvoiusly made to go up there while that bloke holds the rope

She's gunna get in serious bother now and if that's her fellow or sumat probly gunna get a good hiding for her trouble to

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