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All prepared for winter

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Got sorted today.

Pond heater all connected up outside for keeping pure from freezing.

3 water butts wrapped in bubble wrap for xtra protection.

In garage backpacks & hoses wrapped in to quilts. Quite lucky as my garage is fairly new so very well insulated.

Surgical gloves in car

Fingerless gloves in car

Bobble hat (with earphones) in car


Thermal socks

Ladder staying in garage for night. Used to leave it on van but it was so cold & iced up in the morning.

Tin of de-icer

That's me ready. Was unprepared today & was bloody cold.

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My fingers and feet felt it the most today. Luckily managed to get back home for lunch so I changed out socks fora set of warm ones. In between jobs I would put my gloves on too to cook up the old digits a bit. I hate detailing with them though so I might pick up a set of fingerless ones.

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Dave B

I know when it's got to that weather as my knee has siezed up a bit today

Motorbike accident 24 years ago and little piece of floating bone in there

Only gets sore when the weather changes

So for the first year i am now in trousers not shorts..riggers..coat with hood and mechanics nitrile rubber gloves..the body cavity inspection sort lol

Not thick but keeps my hands dry which is all i care about..wet hands feel cold dry hands don't

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I purchased a pair off sealskinz at the weekend there brill totally waterproof and wind proof used by yachting teams all around the world

Only had um for first few houses to take the chill off

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