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Annoying Whiring On V3 Backpacks!

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Still can't get this sorted, I've got 2 fairly new Gardiner V3 backpacks, on both of them when you turn the water off from a tap the pumps make this continual hesitant whirring noise, the functionality of the pumps seems okay it's just this blessed noise, I've taken the pump off and adjusted the pressure screw but that doesn't fix it. Just a final point on these? Seems quite daft that you have to undo 10 screws just to adjust the pressure switch, would have made more sense to have a drilled hole in the backpack so you could get a screwdriver in easily.

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the v2 had a pressure switch you could get to from the outside it does seem daft the v3 doesn't eh, it sounds like a pressure switch problem so i'd give gardiners a ring most of the parts have a years warranty n they're dead helpfull

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I've just got a V3 backpack, on charging the charger makes a whirring noise and the light goes from red to green then back to red , is this normal.


Not sure mate but mine does the same. It seems to charge ok but I don't trust it to leave it charging overnight.

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Green light on mine stays on when fully charged. Don't take too long to charge either, never left it over night but I'm guessing the charger itself should have an overcharge facility built in. Love my back pack tho, even tho I got a van mount I find it so much easier to use. Save dragging hose everywhere

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