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Employee lasts one day


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What a day I hade yesterday! Since it's the busy season coming up to Christmas I hired a new employee lasted a day!


Broke my fitting on my wfp tank where the hose connects to broke my trad extension pole the part where it screws on to the washer and now it's stuck on the washer and broke my ettore 0 degree Squegee all in about 4 hours and not only that forgot to put 3 fly screens back on when I was doing the invoices going back today to put them back in anyone else have any trouble like this

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Guest boarcity

that broken off bit is his legacy. everytime you see it ,itll remind you of him. iv no end of things like that


everytime i stop at Morrisons now i think of a past waster employee who insisted i drop him there to pick up a big prescription at docs nex door . he ran/fell into the docs holdin his chest in a "theatrical manner" as if jus had a heart attack/lightning strike

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