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Guest Stayclearwindowcleaning

Hi just received by wagtail today position glide. Is it meant to be cut like that on the end. And do they come Standard with the stoppers for the swivel action as mine haven't come with them. Thanks




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Guest Stayclearwindowcleaning

Going to give it a go tomorrow on the pole. I was not sure if it had been sent back to the Company for what ever reason and then been sent out to me

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Sorry guys, heading into summer over here and all hell is breaking loose. The disc he uses is universal to all his products and as far as I know the only model he includes the stoppers with is the Pivot Control. No biggie anyway, I always found them a waste of time. I haven't got any of mine with them in any longer. Regards the 45 degree cut. Early ones didn't, Wagga recommended the cut so the next couple of batches had them and I see on his site now that they are square again and he is now mounting the handle underneath...why? I posed this question and the answer was "to distinguish it from the other models" huh?. I personally haven't used the Precision Glide but to get it working well you will probably have to 'tweak' it a little. Just eyeballing your photos...make sure the pad ends are trimmed just inside the ends of the rubber. This will ensure that you don't get a soap line as you fan. The other thing you can also do is if you don't get on with the small 'slip pad' you can remove it, turn the clips up the other way (fin at top) and attach a flipper pad...Hope that helps, have fun...

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Guest Stayclearwindowcleaning

Just got off the phone from the Company I bought it off. And they are sending me out the stoppers for that angle and a new rubber not wagtail 1 lol. And it's ment to have a 45 degree angle they said.

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Practice on the pole mate

Pity Bob's (polz) vids have gone as he taught me to use it

No need for detail tool on it as.i can fan perfectly with it

Especially with my wagulator (wag handle with modified 20° not 40° angle and liquidator channel )

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Guest Stayclearwindowcleaning

Finding it hard closing out. I've got it on a Harris pole with the angle adapter (wagtail). Benn practising on a second-floor window buts keeps hitting the sill.

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I use a harris pole with an unger adjustable crank on the end with an optiloc cone which fits the wag handle better than the wagtail one..another bit of Bob Hatts good advice

I can make a bigger angle then to miss the sills

I heat my handles where they bend and reduce the angle to 20° so i can use it more bent over on the pole and miss the sill

Plus it is a lot less strain on the wrist once the angle is changed

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