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steve garwood

thick as .....

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steve garwood

Got my mates son, martin working with me at the moment, really good worker but has the intellectual capacity of a melon. We was working today on a property of a lovely old girl, who is razor sharp.

Him (in a loud patronising voice because she is old), 'can I use your toilet please?'

Her, 'of course, come in'

Him (now pointing upwards whilst speaking loudly), 'shall I go upstairs?'

Her, 'only if you want to pi$$ in my roof, this is a bungalow love'

Non stop winding him up all day ;D

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

LMAO, had a lad like that in Jersey called Jamie, we nick named him 'Tin Man' from the Wizard of Oz -


'I could while away the hours conversing with the flowers, if I only had a brain' de de de daaaa..............

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Guest boarcity

reminds me of Corey , short term employee. we were cleaning out a gutter and he said- that really looks like chocolate cake


i replied,-its possible someone threw a cake up here,try it if you want

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