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Nob head of the day award goes to..........

Green Pro Clean Ltd

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

ME!! :)) :)) :))


Thank you thank you!


Why? I decided I did not like the position of my flow controller, power winder, leisure battery and split charge relay.


What did I do? I stripped them all out to re-position them in my van.


No big deal I hear you say!! Well it wouldn't have been except that I work at the roadside, started this idea at 3.30pm, 3.40pm all stripped out and phone rings, fellow windy wants to discuss a round that's up for sale that he wants me to go in on. So hour and a half later of chinwagging I go back out the door into the pitch darkness only to realize I cant see what I'm doing!!


Oh well will be an hour late to the first customer tomorrow! :))

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Well, got started at first light, and it was soon arrant that I had made a major balls up somewhere and couldn't for the life of me work it out. A quick phone call to The Cleaning Warehouse Wolverhampton and they said they'd take a look.


Drove down and Sonny the tech took a look at the wiring, said 'what the f**k have you done?' and we rapidly decided that stripping all my random spaghetti and rewire my van, so figured I would take advantage and wire in the One Shot whilst we were at it.


An hours work later and I was back on the road.


A big thanks to Sonny for getting me sorted so rapidly. :))

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