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should i tell my customers in changing to wfp from trad

Guest colinvansmith

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Guest colinvansmith

Hi, not sure if i should tell all my customers im changing to wfp or just do it and have a leaflet at hand for customers who are sceptical about it just explaining the thechnology behind it etc. what do you guys think.


i have found some customers who don't like wfp as whoever has done it in the past with a wfp hasn't done it properly.


Also is it faster if so what sort of % increase should i expect in my work done in a day?


col :)

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Definitely tell them.


A friend of mine had a good idea recently - he got some business cards from vistaprint, with a note printed on the back saying he would be changing over soon.


Then when he actually cleaned he had a second business card explaining that he has changed over, and explaining that he had done all the frames first time, and that they will get better & better.


Very organised, very efficient, and saved loads of time explaining to each customer all the wonders of wfp

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I personally wouldn't bother telling them,If their out the windows will be dry in a hour or two.Maybe change over half your round at a time and just do the tops wfp then change the other half a couple of months later and just do the tops wfp and trad the bottoms then if any one ask use the Health and safety card :)

If a road takes you a day to do it will take you day and half for the first couple of months as it does take some getting use to after that you will pick time and this work will take 3/4 day or less.

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I think it is better to tell them you may loose one or two but they will much appreciate being told. Just let them know the month before swap over with a leaflet of details etc.

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Guest greenclean

I think it is better to tell them you may loose one or two but they will much appreciate being told. Just let them know the month before swap over with a leaflet of details etc.



i agree. you should tell them as no doubt some will leave you because of it so might as well do it now then in the future after you've done 2/3 cleans and they say not happy. you may even find some went with you only because you're traditional as they don't like the just rained look

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The customers who don't want WFP will get left behind,what you lose will give you room to pick up better work suited to pole.like I said before transfer them over gradually and just do tops while you get use to the system

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Guest window washer

Do not worry, you will lose maye 5% but I guarantee you will pick up more than double that as suddenly neighbours see the clean frames and their windows look grubby.

It is tough but do not waiver. I tell all customers that they change or find another cleaner. I have rigid rules and it works. No bi-monthly (unless they want to pay double, no indoor cleans (takes too long), no pre-calls and no pre arranged calls. I tell all of my customers that I will call roughly every 4 weeks, If the gate is closed then I will get over by ladder as for me the minute that I start offering extras it slows me down.

It is okay when you are starting but all of the calls and arrangements slow you down. If you just work quickly and solidly then WFP will make you good money.

So, tell them you are changing but stay firm and do not offer an option as you need to make as much money as you can by doing the best job that you can and in my opinion the future is WFP.

Sorry for the rant - I used to be a sceptic but there is no other way as window cleaning is almost secondary for customers now because the frame clean takes precedent!

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