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Hi everyone,


I joined this forum a while back when I started out my window cleaning business - However my business ended up taking a different route and I do domestic cleaning rather than window cleaning.


As I am a web designer I made a full "customer management" system for my business and it never got used. Considering its just sat on my home server being unused I thought it would be nice to give it out on here for free.


Now, please don't expect to just take this site and upload it ready to use, it might need tweaking and putting into some real use to test it out. But from where I got to with it, I thought it was almost finished.


It accepts payments via PayPal and generates invoices for customers (at least it did over 12 month ago, I'm not sure if PayPal have updated their API or not).


The front end to the website is quite basic, most of the work is past the login screen.


Shine Kings :: Payment System 1.0


Customer login

Username: customer@customer.com

Password: password


(please dont change the password)



Administrator login

Username: dean@fuzionsoft.com

Password: password


(please dont change the password)






You will need to modify all of the configuration files. I'm not posting any how to's with this - Give it to your web developer if you don't know how! The database backup is in there.


If any of you get good use out of this, the least you could do is buy me a drink for all my hard hours graft! That's all I ask.


Paypal: dean@fuzionsoft.com

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