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Tax Returns


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I think this is a self defeating exercise, I could handle a couple of days per year doing the books and sorting it with the accountant but doing that every 3 months would do my nut in also how do they are going to generate loads more work for themselves issuing refunds galore as you will no doubt be overpaying for the first six months or so.


I think it will make a lot more lads to push for cash business and not bother putting it through the books.

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that is in line with vat collection and vat reissuing it should in the long run fiddle out the overpaying and catch up with ones not paying tax etc theyr getting a hold of a country in the long run we will benfit as the country shud in turn benfit

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I'd just put £0 for first three returns. And then put everything on the last tax return :D


You may get away with that at the end of the first quarter, but you will get a visit from the receiver shortly after the second quarter. :)

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