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Night time window cleaning !


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Monday will be my first real tester. Planing on working 4-5pm on Monday.


Cleaned my own Windows (high wind and rain) so will see what they are like.


I like the look of that mate....Not sure how customers would react to a light shining in their window though. Unless you mean commercial work.

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Hmmmm, what we need you to do is..go and take inside and out pics of the brush in the dark, as I reckon most custys will think the aliens are coming to take them away on Monday :):D:rofl: :rof:

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you kind of just 'know' how much scrubbing and rinsing to do after wfp'ing for long enough, I also do some commercial at 6:30am once a month, and do it in the dark, never had any problems yet,


Sometimes the flood lights come on and give me a bit of glow :eek:, makes the water look like crystals on the glass :)

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It's an experiment. Not saying it will last lol.


The bloody light was expensive. Tried God knows how many. Ended up paying £40!!! As usually. Same light on eBay is £25 lol. But I want it for Monday.


I have one job which is £21 so pays for half on one job. Interested to see what's what with it.


Fascia cleans after 4pm. Oh why not lol.

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I don't see the point in trying to clean windows in the dark... It looks a bit desperate to be honest.


Just work a bit harder during daylight hours in order to get everything done.



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Was considering this as I start later in the day and it ends up getting dark pretty quick only today did I manage to get a regular clean in time before it was dark. Personally i would like to be able to do them in the dark if I needed to. Damo what light are you using it. Is it waterproof?

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If it comes to.it and I really need to. I may just get one of them silicone clip on bike led lights x2 white ones. There only cheap and there waterptoof. There quite bright but you may need a few. Just gives an extra option if there is extra work early morning or winter dark if I can't finish in time.

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It's water resistant. Will post a link tomorrow. It's very very well made.


It's just an experiment. Always wanted to try it so I am :)


They had the cheap silicone ones for £3 but fixing was a bit hard. At best cable ties haha.

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I have commercial jobs that's need to be completed by 8am. So to clean in the normal light. I would need a team of 4 and start at like 7.30am.


It's an idea that i have been wanting to try for some time now.


If it's not for you or you don't like it or don't want to try it. Then fine lol.


I haven't got to where I am now by following everyone and not coming up with ideas.


I already have a fun sales idea with this already.

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