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Which Gardiner brushes should I buy?


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hi guys.


I've been using my Gardiner backpack for about five weeks now. It was a birthday present from the mrs so to keep costs down I only asked for one brush, a supreme medium hybrid.


I'm looking for a couple more brushes now. I want one specifically for first cleans and one for the undersides of gutters, fascias etc.


I've watched the video on the Gardiner website and think I need a super-lite radius sill brush - single trim - flocked bristles for the gutters etc but I'm not sure about the first clean brush.


Does that sound about right? Any suggestions?

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In agreement with Tuffers :)


Sill Flocked for gutters/fascias/etc - The Super-Lite® Radius Sill Brush - Single Trim - Flocked Bristles Gardiner Pole Systems

Super-Lite Dual-Trim Flocked for first cleans - Super-Lite® Brush - Flocked Bristles - Super-Lite® Brushes - Brushes - Water-Fed Poles - All Products Gardiner Pole Systems


If you want to save money then just get the Sill Flocked and use it for both purposes.

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the medium supreme you have will be perfect for most jobs pal even the gutters too, i personally couldnt get into the sil brush with its rounded shape but i know others love it, have a look at the supreme soft flocked, i use it on everything inc first cleans and it just glides and splays nicely on glass when scrubbing!

either way whatever you get you wont go wrong with a medium brush and i's suggest fan jets too but makes sure you rinse the tops well first.

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