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New - Water Fed Pole Repair Kit


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Pole systems are great and offer many advantages to us window cleaners but over time carbon fibre, (composite and fibreglass) poles do begin to wear.




Our poles are constantly being tightened in the same places and eventually this means the clamps no longer work properly which can be very frustrating and potentially dangerous (damage to windows and property)




Poles are expensive items and we need to get the most use possible from them. So any way of extending the working life of a pole is a good thing and will bring long term savings on equipment costs.




To solve this problem we decided to create a repair kit which would help keep our own pole systems working longer and we are now able to offer these simple kits to other Window Cleaners who would like to be able to make a solid, lasting repair to their own worn pole sections.




For full details of our Water Fed Pole Repair Kits have a look at our website at Shop | Coastal Cleaning

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