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clear view of silverton

new flyers through custies doors

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I've had most my customers since day one I have a great relationship with most off them as they have become friends as well they often tell me some one as been knocking about window cleaning if you provide a good professional service why worry your customers will stay with you. Any body is free to canvas wherever they want it's a free world as they say and if a customer s going to dump you for a couple of £ there not worth having



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I agree that £1 per window / door is reasonable. If that's undercutting you by a fiver per job welm fair play to you.


I personally feel (residential) that £1 per window or door is becoming nationwide industry standard (excluding the overchargers in London :P)


When I price a job I always try to consider what price that needs to be in order to keep that customer loyal. It does not matter how loyal you think they are sooner or later if a noob startup came along at £10 per job less you would see quite a loss.

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Sounds like quite a clever form of advertising. There's a chap down here that says 'Prices start from as little as £3.50 per house'


....he reels them in and then builds from there. It's one of the oldest tricks in the sales book.


Oh yes when we drop our gutter clearing flyers it always says prices 'from' £25


Gotta go with what works.

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