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8mm vs 6mm main hose

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Could be a bit of both after emailing Oliver this morning a very helpful sales team member called Emily rang me to say it's out of stock so I am been provided with 100m of the thermobore hose for the

Put the Grippa Thermobore on my reel and used it for the first time today, what a bleedin joy to use really quite soft even though it had been sat in my garage for about 2 days along with using cold w

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I'm using 5mm Tel and have been for 8 months it's Sureclean high pressure went out and tried microbore again last week couldn't stand it with all the snagging and tangling I am backpack only and couldn't stand lugging it about I'm shortly gonna be attaching a reel to a trolley with 30 metres of this.

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Cheers poles. Was more looking for info from lads with 100 meters on reels used daily as deciding what to put on my new reel. But thanks. Now I know what to put in my backpack :)

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I have 2 x 100m reels. I with 8mm, the other with 6mm. The 6mm doesn't feed water as quickly, so you need to run your pump at a higher setting to get the same volume of water at the brush.


No other difference between them, same reels same pumps, fittings etc.


I won't be buying 6mm again any time soon, and will probably replace the one I have with 8mm.

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I have 30mm microbore. 30 mm of pole hose, I have used this for a year on my trolley, think it's quite a good combo when it's a mobile system, as the microbore is pretty heavy to haul about n reel up on a trolley,but that's me,. Have used same pump for two years.

Saw that gardiners have a reinforced hose 5mm.

Think if maufacturers made a in between size it would be popular.

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Guest kahoona

i have only used 8mm on my reel. poles is right 100mtrs of 8mm is heavy when full of water. In fact after some measuring on my round I was able to cut down to about 60mtrs on my reels which helps with weight as I'm lifting the reel in and out of van all day. If your fixing the reel in the back of the van this is not an issue.


WWC comment on flows is an interesting one, not something i had thought about before, but maybe I'll reconsider weather to respool with 6 or 8mm now.

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Why are you favoring 8mm @WWC ?


Is it just a personal preference?

Having seen the difference in flow between 6mm and 8mm, I prefer 8mm for 2 reasons:


1. Since the pump has to work harder to get the same flow, then it concerns me putting the pump under more stress than I need to.


2. On the large window panes I have with some customers, I want a lot of water flow as I use long brushes with 4 jets. The 8mm hose simply supplies more water for this.


I never noticed a difference in weight of a hose full of 6mm or 8mm. So, that isn't an issue.


Note, I am talking about reinforced extension hose for Van mounts, not light weight pole hose.


For the people mentioning back packs and trolleys, I also have light pole hose on mine.

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we are running both 8mm and 6mm. 8mm xline hose on the hot reel and 6mm hose on the cold reel.


we find no difference in either, just 8mm a little heaver.


flow controller on the 6mm is set lower than the one on the 8mm.

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Used 8mm for approx 6/7 years then 6mm for the last 3 years. Find no difference in flow between the Two, all I had to do was increase the pressure cut off value by one value. 6mm is lighter more manageable, they are not "worlds apart" though.

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I am right in thinking that 8mm is Minibore and 6mm is Micronbore? If so I use Microbore because that's what I was advised to get on a forum many moons ago.


I wouldn't bother changing as the microbore does the job very well. However I bought the streamline one first time around, lasted three years after turning it over on the reel. The cheaper alternative is 12 months old and already knackered, and it has been turned.

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I run 2 100m hoses and prefer the 6mm as its feels easier to reel in and pull out than the 8mm (which I had before)

As for putting more pressure on the pump, I have my controller set on 50, so only half its capacity and my flow runs perfectly out the brush

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Green Pro Clean Ltd
no, less water to push in the 6mm than the 8mm so pump works less to get the same flow


I meant I would have thought the same, as in the 6 mm would require lower pump pressure, not I thought they would be the same.

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