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mark m

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Has anybody got one ? is it any good and how long does the battery last the reason i ask i have got a big inside and out leaded windows coming up thought i might try it out on the inside . I know the best way of cleaning leaded spray a bit of pure and wipe over with a microfiber cloth but things change like wpf has changed the way we clean the outsides .

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are you serious? no self respecting window cleaner would ever pull one of these out on a job, theres no way it could be quicker then clothing a leaded window, nor would it possibly give as good a result....lazy!

if it aint broke....

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Well mate il try not to be insulted by that lol I have a job where the customer is paying me £50 a time to clean the gass roof linking two houses right on the seafront. I say houses they are practically mansions, and she doesn't want me to soak all her expensive processions underneath. I also use them on flux windows with people beds underneath them. So yes I am a professional who has the need for this bit of kit

Also I would only clean indoors with this for 'the fussy customers' out of choice I would choose traditional every time

I wonder if people where like this when wfp came about, personally I would drather getbmynladder out then pole because then I know it's clean rather taking a risk and waiting for a call full of complaints.


As you can tell you've ****** me off with your comment rant over

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haha, i dunno how you guys clean inside windows but i dont get water anywhere, you position your mop under your blade and catch any drips, you use a holster, you dont wet your mop as much for insides, you can wet cloth then micofibre any inside window, etc, etc.

awkward conny roofs ect yes, maybe there is a use there, but if you read the first post thats not what the question and my response were about.

im all for innovations in tech and the way that can transform the industry, iv got respect for wfp tech and its users but it seems people are just after making there life as easy as possible, so you wfp the outsides, and use a vac on the insides, when do you actually even touch a peice of glass? its hardly window cleaning as it should be is it?

again refer to the first post by markm, in that particular case i think it would be lazy to use the karchervac on the insides, considering it could be done better, and quicker with cloths and elbow grease.

as you can tell, you ****** me off with yours, rant over

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I just don't like people critising when they have not even had ago with one, like I said the roof inside has about £4000 of furniture and a solid oak floor underneath so that's why I bought it and to be honest the way I was cleaning it was by hand and just dry cleaning the glass with scrim and she wasn't happy with the result because it was smirry and neither was I so this bit of kit has helped me keep a £250 per month clean. So if anybody has has similar type job you cannot fault this machine customer is happy with the results off it do that makes me happy.


As for wfp I don't really rate it tbh

And as for the first comment, I don't think using this on lead would be that much better if I'm honest, never tried and not going to, but on an upside it's gong for drying your car off so you can polish it

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so because you couldnt do it properly by hand, you need to use a machine, this machine can clean a piece of glass and not leave it smeary, but you cant? if i cloth a window, there are no streaks left, no matter what! i use microfibres btw.


this is a machine for people that cant clean glass, thats why they market it at homeowners, why wouldnt your customer think, 'why dont i buy one myself for £70 instead of paying this 'professional' £250 each month


i dont care if my posts make me unpopular on here but its about time some of you learnt how to clean windows before calling yourselves window cleaners and asking people to pay for your services


absolute joke

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If they are paying £250 a month to get their windows cleaned I don't think they are the type of people to do things for themselves!! Must be a big house alpine??


Is there poles to attach to them to do high

Insides or do you need need to use a ladder?

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maybe not, but most domestic customers could and would easily use one themselves, esp if their professional window cleaner uses one and charges them every month. i dont get people on this forum, always looking for ways to do things when there are already tried and tested methods

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It's to big houses they have bought with a massive conservatory type building joining them up. It's just proves though people with money are fussy but to be fair there paying good money, so I want to keep them happy. It's takes two off us a full day to get it all done and it's right on the seafront so it always covered in salt. And that's why I bought the kacher just for the insides I at first took the defensive saying there ****, but they're not. The difference I would never dream off attempting to clean outdoor windows with this. And I don't think it's a threat to any of us in terms of loosing business to it. One because it's expensive and two most of the British public are lazy. I'm up for giving anything a try what may make my working day easier and as stress free as possible and this thing has done

And gmcleaning I still have the same at***ude has you I prepare traditional but sometimes it just doesn't always help. I like to give the best revive available to customers I'm not lazy I just try to make everybody happy. Personally I dislike all the hassle that comes with wfp but it's good for hard to get to windows above conservatorys but if I offer the best service then they don't even need to think about getting another window cleaner

Just read your post on the other post gmcleaning. It comes across that you have an at***ude problem? Sort it

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maybe not, but most domestic customers could and would easily use one themselves, esp if their professional window cleaner uses one and charges them every month. i dont get people on this forum, always looking for ways to do things when there are already tried and tested methods


We need to make like a remote control pole that we can use just sitting in the van... Now that would be good ****!!!


Beep the horn when you need paid

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i dont have an at***ude problem, i have opinions, and even if i did, i wouldnt sort it on your say so, cheers mate

just to add, i agree with everything other than the above in your last post,lol

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I saw one of these advertised on tv on one of them shopping channels. The women talking said& I quote " I pay my window cleaner £20 a month which is £240 a year to clean my windows. I can buy one of these and save all that money". My first thought was are you going to climb up a ladder with that tool and clean your windows. She was talking out of her ars. Can't comment on them as never used one.

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