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Jointing these paving slabs?

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I occasionally clean friends yards. I also don't have a massive amount of experience yet. A friend has contacted me wanting their small yard cleaned. Could I get some advice on re-pointing these slabs in the attached image? I've never done it before (apart from kiln dried sanding block paving), I'm just wondering what my options are? I'm guessing looking at the yard, they'd just was the cheapest most suitable way.


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Leave it to someone else. The time picking up materials and messing about with dirty tools will turn what could be a nice quick job into a pita. I used to offer all of that, but it's not worth it.

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Guest unit

Hi Bernard,like the guys above are saying time is money.

But should you quote these things right and your happy to do them,then go for it.

I personally do not bother with jobs that's need to much after care,apart from brushing the sand in,as I have left any building/patio laying/and pointing in the past.

For pointing you could use,jointing compound or sand and cement.

Jointing compound will brush in,with the option of ironing it after.

Or use one part cement too four parts soft,some would add one part sharp to the mix.

Iron in with a jointing iron or cut your self a bit of hose pipe.

Raking out the joint depends on how solid they are.

You could use hammer and large flat headed screw driver,but for speed it would be better to use a small angle grinder with a raking blade on.

Good luck.

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I personally offer the service to them but subcontract the job out to a general builder I know. He advised me of the price he charges per metre. I already know the meterage due to quoting it myself for cleaning. So I ask if they would like that to be completed. If yes I put 10% on his price and gain a bit of extra profit from the quote.

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peter rogers

u get a motar mix from builders yards that u brush in dry then it sets

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