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One of my customers suggest I build my own window cleaning web site,


I've really enjoyed it.


I've also been told to try to get some high pr back links to boost Google ranking but as an amateur I've really struggled...


Any suggestions if any of you guys have done this before??!

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Its really a lot of work to manage your own site and get into all the seo correct including backlinks.


You not only need to get backlinks but they have to be relevant with the correct anchor text and they have to appear natural so not all linking to the main page and not all excact match phrases.


A lot of the highest Pr sites appear spammy as they probably are not relevant to your website, for example CNN website is Pr9 but that link is going to be spammy.

You can use fiverr.com to find people that will get you 20 links for a fiver but agin ive not found them to work that well.


Start off with the usual, facebook, twitter, google plus and then all the free business listings

Write or get written blogs about helpfull subjects and then get links to these blogs with the correct anchor text to the pages

remember google ranks pages not sites, so if you want to rank your gutter cleaning page you need links that correspond to that.

forums are ok as well, but a lot are none follow links.


The key with offsite seo is consistency, if the competition for your keyword is high you need to keep getting links, youll find its hard work and if you can afford it you would probably be better off handing over the management of your site to someone else, i know @Gav offers hosting and web updates but im not sure if he offers an seo service.


Other than that google is your friend when it comes to seo, get learning.

Google algorithms are constantly changing so dont put all your eggs into the links basket, content was king at one point maybe its not now i dont know but cover all the bases, make sure your on site stuff is tight first, use yoast and make sure youve submitted your sitemap etc. sign up to google analytics

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Mark H

Our building company use "bOnline.com"web developers reasonably starting priced at £250 + vat, hosting £8.95 + vat month. Mobile user friendly included. A dedicated team member to set it up with you. Running it is a breeze as it is very easy to navigate. SEO tools.

As a newbee in this wfp field, this is defo for me.

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