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i went canvssing for the first time !


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got 7 customers !


6 regulars and a 1 off clean :)


the first knock i done i got a customer.. i was like wow ? lol


she never wanted to give me her name :S so i got no name for her to put in to george lol


the rest were fine ect.... but i never toke no contact details for the customers... next time i will take contact numbers :) lol


i only went knocking for 2 hours... got around to about 50-60 houses


lol most of them had window cleaners ! but one person said to me.... a iwndow cleaner only does his front... i go i can giv u a good price for your back and front... he had a conservatory.... was dirt on the top... and i said... ill do it all for £10.00


he goes okay... if u said 12 pound i would of said no... but im going to get rid of my other window cleaner...ill have a word with him then ill come to u mate.... he goes the other 1 cant do conservatories lol


so should be getting a call in a few weeks of him lol


all the houses are close by :) so good day for me

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You can do my conservatory next time for £10 if you want? that's way to cheap. I think after you have done the job you might change your pricing structure. Well done on getting the new customers, that's a good 2hrs.

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thats really good sounds like 2 hours well spent=)


how much are you charging for the house.


and how much does it cost to purify the water per litre and how much would you use each house?

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Yeah well done pal, you keep getting about 7 customers a week you'll have over 350, by the end of the year. Hardest bit now is keeping at it after you go out a couple of times and get none. You will get little dry pockets like that but don't let it bother you, its just as valuable to know where the work isn't.

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I've found dressing a bit smarter - jacket, trousers (not jeans), shirt (not t-shirt), clean shoes, shave, no dark sunglasses (let them see your eyes, less shifty looking) will help. Gives you confidence. Do not smoke.


Have a notebook or what you need to make notes. Cards to give them ALL your contact details.


Be friendly - not matey. Do NOT be flirty with the women you will meet, it makes them uncomfortable and Hubby/significant other could be listening, not professional either. Be respectful of everyone (kids who answer door included). Get to the point, explain who you are and why you're calling. Relax, don't be desperate.


If asked to quote, concentrate on what you would need to do to get job done. You have to decide whether you can safely reach all windows, look out for obstacles (inc dog poo. I kid you not!). Check access. where do you park your van?


How will they pay? Do they look as if they will pay? Is it a 1 off or regular?


Big long list of stuff other comments will no doubt follow.


With practice you will do these things and establish these details in a quite brief conversation with customer.


If you are, inevitably, rejected, be gracious. It's a battle not a war. You win some you lose some. Move on.


Is it as easy as you thought it would be? (bearing in mind I don't think you've wet a window in anger yet :D )

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I carry a notebook with a pencil....


and am down the north east ! window cleaning prices are the lowest here compared to other parts in england :) but u can still make good money


Im doing his conservatory roof... and all his windows... for £10.00.... if i never done his conservatory id do all his house for £5.00 hes got tiny windows... and a door and a few other tiny windows at the back thats it ...


aslong as it keeps me ticking over.... i need all the jobs i can get !


i been pricing 5-6 pound on every house.... and to be honest.... these houses are very small..... my house is massive compared to them its like 2 times bigger !! ! !! and my house is worth £7.00 !


i just want work and work and work.... keep the money coming in.... its all in the same area :);) so its worth doing...


i got 1 6 pound house.... and then i got another 6 pound house straight over the road from it ;) lol.... i never thought canvassing could be so easy..... i cant believe the first person that opened the door to me.. said yeah.... ! lmao


I am going out tomorrow... my target is getting 7 customers again :)


and i started at 17:50 and finished at 19:50


Lol.... canvassing until 20:00 is fine..... after 8 it is a definate NO ! :)

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Vito, you had me in s***ches there, most will mention what has and hasn't worked for them.


I can just imagine, you turning up in a full suit with shades on, smoking a big segar, flirting with the old dear, coming across a bit desperate, then the old guy coming out asking what your playing at? lol.


I wear jean and a tshirt when its nice, but that isn't often, but all my t-shirts and jumpers, and coats have my logo embroidered on them and printed on the back. Usually wear my pouches when canvassing, good for keeping my notepad and cards in, plus lets the customer know what you do, before you even say hello, will save any confusing moments.


You'll find they see a guy in pouches at there door, they already have there answer before your speal, so keep it short, one sentence. Save wasting you and the customers time. "We clean some of your neighbours windows, and just wondered if you were interested?". Job done.


You did have lots of good points there though vito, joking aside.

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I like to canvas with the pouch on too! I just say I clean windows in your street every 4 weeks, just calling to see if you would like yours cleaned? If they say they have 1, I say no probs and start walking off.. If they say no we are ok just give them a flyer anyway, especially if it is a fella.. Had a girl ring me 2 mins after I'd left their house, oh I want mine done!

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