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which ultimate brush

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at the moment i use an xline mono for 1st cleans & an extreme for maintenance but the extreme's 2 yr old so getting a bit worn in the corners & i fancy an ultimate but which one, i mostly rinse on the glass. i know some here have got them so whats best

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Having read a lot about flocked brushes I decided to try the Ultimate flocked as I have a substantial number (20%) of leaded Windows to clean. I've never used fan jets either so decided to try them as well. So far very impressed. I have quite a lot of Windows with vents in but so far I've had no problems there either. So far it's :thumbsup: from me, but it's still early days.

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Flicked, flocked, ultimate flock, the best flick, supreme dream brush.


I have always used ionic poles, the positives being:


Any size upto 80ft,

Residential head or commercial head,

Best quality heads on the market and resi replacement head only £35


Negatives: quite expensive outlay


When I started self employed 6 months ago I bought a 25ft Carbon glass grafter pole with residential head and it cost me about £250.


I'm still using it now every day more than my other poles as it reaches all windows on 90% of my jobs and it is still in good condition, it's prob earnt me 12k so far so I think it's money well spent after all you get what you pay for and it would sell on eBay now for about 150 so all in all a good investment


Thanks I will stop typing now

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how do u guys rate the supreme against the ultmate


I'm not so keen on the round ends of the Supremes. Liked them at first but when I went back to the square ends I much preferred them. They have nice splay though

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