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Guest window washer

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Guest window washer

I have a 500ltr flat tank with one baffle inside a ford connect van. The trouble is one baffle is just nowhere near enough and therefore I sway back and forth so much when driving that sea sickness is a hazard in my van!!!

I have heard of the drain pipe trick but on a tank of my size it sounds like a lot of work (and new drainpipe is pretty expensive).

Does anyone know of a quick option?

Someonw mentioned baffle balls but I know nothing of these.

Any help will do as I have one unstable van!!;);)

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I would think a 500l tank in a connect would push it to the limit and it might be a over loaded weight problem,if your van is over weight it will be hard to control,the tank is probably designed to go in a bigger van or truck.

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Guest window washer

Max payload in my connect is 920kg plus driver/ passenger.

My tank weighs 500kg and the rest of the set up another 120kg so I am well in but obviously it is on the heavy side.


scrub that. I have just taken a look and my SWB payload is only 625 - ****e!!!!

I reckon on a full tank I will e carryin just over so the only answer is to carry no more than 375 - 400ltrs of water which is fine as I never carry a full tank anyway.

Therefore any ideas on the baffles?

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the tank when empty weighs a bit around 30-70 kg battery 15 kg spare wheel,I wouldn't think the tank would be a problem.I would get your suspension check out if it is rolling about

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Guest window washer

I will do that just to be sure but it seems okay. It is not so much a roll it more like a movemement as I drive, just the swishing of the water.

The tank only has one baffle which I thought a little stingy for a 500 ltr so I thought some additional baffles would help.

I have heard of baffle balls but wondered whether there was a home made solution.;):exclamation:

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Just remembered a trout farm where I used to clean.


They had Land Rover's with 2 x 1000L IBC tanks in the back of each.


The owner used a piece of wood cut to the shape of the tank - to float on the water, which apparently stopped all the problems for him. not tried it, but might be feasible.


Only drawback for us, is would have to use plastic not wood - to not contaminate, and also can't get it through the hole in the tank.


This brought me onto my latest idea.


I can't test it - as I use trolleys, but would love to know if it works.




Stuff it in the hole, would lose some capacity but not much, and it would stop the water getting bruised. ;-)


Seriosly - might work, what do you think?

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Guest window washer

Re that balls: a 500 ltr tank apparently needs 15 balls at £2.80 each plus VAT = £50 ish.


Re the bubble wrap. I have recently moved so have loads - will give it a hose down and shove it in - worth a try - this could be bloody genius.

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Lol ye really never know unless you try it. Let us know hoe it goes if you try it.


Although I would imagine it would all just float on top of the water, might help a bit though.

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Guest window washer

I only had 2 small rolls of bubble wrap. 50 cm wide by 2m long, so not an awful lot really.


I decided to cut the wrap into 4 metre long sections as I thought any smaller would make them irrelevant and I did not have enough to make the strips any longer.


The results were quite amazing considering the lack of materials -


The "sloshing" of water in the tank which is normally considerable as I have 300 litres in a 500 ltr tank was almost completely gone! ;):):)


The movement, whilst still there had reduced by quite a lot.:D:):D


Therefore with a lot more wrap I think it will act as a very good set of baffles .


My only concern is how much to put in and to be careful when the tank is low in case it tries to suck the wrap - any ideas to ensure this does not happen


Dave - you are a bloody genius!!!!;);):idea::idea:

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Guest window washer

I wouldn't think it will be a problem but if the tank is low the wrap could cover the outlet hole creating a vaccum. It shouldn't but would be just my luck!


Works though.

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Thoughts I've had so far -


Remove the tank valve,

Wrap some plastic gauze, or stainless steel gauze into a cylinder that fits just unside the end of the valve tap that will screw back into the tank, and araldite it in position.


Re-Fit valve tap.


Bubble wrap will never seal the whole tube - sorted.

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Guest window washer

I think I've got what you mean.


Basicaly remove tap - at the end that sits inside the tank (obviously) roll some sort of non bio gauze and slot it into the end of the tap and stick in position.


Will have to find something to use but should work nicely.


Thanks again Dave.

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You are welcome.


That's what I love about forums - loads of people have idea's that they don't need to implement, or haven't got time - and then chaps like you do the hard work and make them happen.


A real exchange for benefit of all.


Thanks for YOUR work,

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