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Hi everyone !


So I've been reading this forum for a while and gained a lot of knowledge so decided to join up.


The story goes something like this:


My Dad has been cleaning windows for around 6 years and built up a decent round so I decided to give it a go. It was a big decision and a risk because it was a week before Christmas, I had just started a full time job and had multiple family problems meaning it was a very stressful time for me. However, my Dad was selling one of his vans with some work and there were multiple people interested so I just jumped in head first. What a start the first 4-5 weeks were. Working 7 days a week trying to catch the work up in the freezing cold. The first 4 weeks my battery run out twice, my pole broke and I decided that It would be a good idea to drive my van onto rocks (knobhead). Thought this isn't for me but grafted through it all and the last 3 months have been great. Not really sure of what to do next, carry on my full time job and have a career or quit and go for it on the cleaning. I earn around 4x more window cleaning but theres more to life than money, although I really enjoy going out window cleaning on my 2 days off.


I also have a question:


I have a friend that wants to work for me. It's fairly cheap to get him on the insurance but I'm a bit worried about how the customers will take it. I've only been cleaning there windows 4 months so I have a feeling the customers won't like it if I'm already introducing a new window cleaner to them. Or will they not mind?



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Welcome. Always like a good story about a bit of struggle and hard times. It's good for the soul and shows you'll make it through anything. Don't worry about the new cleaner, they won't care one bit. But make sure you keep an eye on him, and keep your ear to the ground on the quality of his work. Nothing worse than losing a good customer over someone else's shoddy cleaning.

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Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. The plan is to take him out with me and introduce him to the customers while I train him up and then he can have a crack himself but I'll be there to see how he does. Then I'll let him go out on his own. Probably gonna give him some sort of bonus if he doesn't get any complaints

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