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Highest charge you have put in and GOT for a domestic first window clean…?

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Seems prices vary a great deal up and down the country for window cleaning, but it would be intresting to know whats the highest you have all quoted and actually got on a domestic first window clean, also do you think you had them done over a bit or did you price it bang on :D


Mine to date is £100 and it took me close on 3 hours so I priced it bang on for myself anyway.

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Mine was a bit more at £120. Also took 3 hours.


Modern pricing does make me laugh a bit though and sometimes wonder whos on the B.S.


I joined a certain other forum about 4 or so years back. When I said I was getting £8 for a semi all I got back was 'wow I cant get £6 a house round my way'


Now it seems no one gets up for less than £50 a house. :P:))

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